How Far

what happens when a normal college girl moves to London seking a normal life but ends up in the world of Fame after a date with the famous Niall Horan. Wil she let this love blossum or is she too afraid to love? How Far will she go!


4. Deals and Plans

Rena Pov


I hate waiting it makes me fidget alot and the fact that people are staring at me from the desk. I want to tell them to take a picture it last longer but I;m not here to start fights. It was one hell of a fight to just get in here. Girls screaming at me, trying to rip my skin off, luckly bodyguards were already their to get me. I thanked the guards and reported to the desk. I'll have to thank Niall for the guards or I be dead be. I could see it now " Inoccent Girl Killed by One Direction Fa Mob!" I kept waiting, when I heard my name called be hind me. " Rena" said a irish voice. I turned around and their was that Blonde hunk with amazing ocean blue eyes if i stared any longer i think I drown. Shaking my head out of a daze I relize my main objective of comming. As he got closer  i exstended my hand " Where is my phine?" I said anxiously. He started to smile with a devlish grin on his face. " It;s in a safe place, you have to do one thing for me!" Niall said counivingly " Look if its for me to become your little sex monkey then you can for get it becuase--" i started to say " Wait No I just want you to go on a date with me, I dont force anyone to do anything they dont ant to Rena, Look Just one date if you don't like it then afte that date will never see eachother okay. But if you like it then you have to be my new girlfriend deal.?" He said confidently I thougtht this carefully, even if this is a trick I can't say now he has my phone and I can' t afford a new one. "Deal " I said exstending my hand once again. We firmly shaked on it. " Well I have tto go to work but so--" I said " When are you off ?" he said excitedly " I'm Off this Saturday how about then Kay!" I said sureingly " Great I'll come by Your place at 7:00 PM" He said cooly. "  I told him I live near Hyde park. " Great It will Be a NIght to remeber.' He said smoothly "  Well you better hope i do" i said we exchanged our good byes and he gave me a hug. I'm not ganna lie that hug was great if felt like he really ment it. I wonder how he kissed. I started to think that but had to balnk that oout, I was getting ahead of my sellf for all I know Niall Horan could be another Tyler Newton in disguse. Niall directed me out the studio were fans won't takle me. then I headed off to my job at Top Shop.

Niall Pov

I can't believe she agreed. i can't ait for saturday. When i hugged her she smelled of lavander and honey man I wonder how well she kisses. A smile spread across my face at this thought. I ran to the lads to tell them the great news. " She came you guys and I have a Date with her this Staurday." I screamed. " Dude we can here you, so wha are you ganna do take her to eat the largest pizza on earth." Louis Chuckled. " NO " I said " Its ganna be romantic but i need the starker fans not to find out, can you help." I said pleadingly. " Sure" They said " Leave everything to us" said Harry Cheekyly.

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