She's Not Afraid Or Is She?

Helen is just a rich, pretty,sassy (mean sometimes) girl who attends a music talent school with some celebrities. Shes not afraid of anything except one thing but no one knows what it is. Shes determined to get discovered by some big music producer but will all that change because a guy got under her skin?


2. Hollister


 Helen's P.O.V

I locked my car and took out my phone when we arrived at the mall. "So will you?" I heard Mahoney(Madison's nickname) say. "Will I what?" i asked cause I wasnt paying attention to what she said when she got out of the car I was replying to a text from Courtney. "Help me pick out an outfit for the dance" "Oh! Yeah sure" "Thanks". First we whent to Forever 21 which is the place were i work on satudays and mondays and thursdays after school today was tuesday though. We looked around and I found Mahoney a cute pair of regular shoes cause shes country and doesnt like girly stuff unlike me. and she got her outfit put together. she didnt want to wear a dress. We whent to other stores and by the time we reached Hollister i had 13 shopping bags each filled to the top with clothes. " Excuse me, can i help you with your bags miss?" I heard a guy say as he tapped my shoulder. "Yes please!" i said and turned to see who it was just to find myself face to face with Garrett (my ex) i forgot he worked there. "Oh nevermind I got it." i said and tried to walk away from him but he grabbed my hand,spun me around, and held me close. "Where do you think youre going you little bitch?" he said all in my face. "You think that you can date me for 2 years then dump me? Well this relationship isnt over unless i say it is not you." he said. "Garrett, not now. We're at your job." i said trying to convince him to let me go. "I dont give a shit!" he screamed in my face pulling me tighter so i could barely breath. I tried to push him away but he was to strong. "Dont fight me. Remember what happened last time you dissobeyed me?" he said looking down into my brown eyes. his eyes were lusty and full of anger. He loosened his grip on me and I remembered the last time i dissobeyed him.


I was in a little ball on the floor up against a wall crying "Dont ever try to report me to the police again!" he said as he held me up by my shirt collar and slapped me across the face. My stomach was in pain and broused, my leg had a deep cut in it,my head was throbbing, and i could takes the blood in my mouth."Unless you wanna end up like her!' he pointed at the other room across the hall where 5 of his friends had a girl in there and were raping her. I kept hearing the cries of the poor girl then after a couple of hours when I thought they would leave her alone I heard the loudest scream come from the room then silence then 5 guys laughing. After his friends walked out of the room Garrett took me inside and I saw the 15 year old girl lying on the bed with the sheets up to her waist and a knife stabbed into her heart. I burried my face in Garrett's chest and cryed as he stroke my hair and whispered into my ear "shhhh. I wont let that happen to you if you promise to do everything I say and obey my direct orders". "I PROMISE, I PROMISE!" I cryed. That night I stood there terrified as Garrett held me tight and the other guys carried the girl out the house and burned her along with the sheets covered in blood.


End of Flashback.

"Let her go you prick!" 



Hey guys comment and tell me if you like the book or if you think i should change it up a bit or have any tips for me.

Thanks! <3

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