She's Not Afraid Or Is She?

Helen is just a rich, pretty,sassy (mean sometimes) girl who attends a music talent school with some celebrities. Shes not afraid of anything except one thing but no one knows what it is. Shes determined to get discovered by some big music producer but will all that change because a guy got under her skin?


4. Chapter 4


Mahoney's P.O.V

Welllllll that was a little awkward. I seriously thought Helen hated Louis but apparently I was wrong. How long has she had feelings for him? But more importantly, why didn’t she tell me? But that's for a later subject. I am so mad at Garret the way he was talking to my best friend won't do. I swear if he was to ever hurt her I would get all my magic unicorns to stab him like his friends stabbed my sister. Marley... Oh how I miss her so much I was out of town when it happened. The night where Helen was beat and my sister was rapped and killed. I could've helped her and Marley I could have saved them both. But no I had to bail my stupid mom out of jail but when I got there she said so many nasty things I left her there. But I don't regret it not one little bit. I never knew my father he left when I was born. But now I live with my grandmother I call her Meme and I love her to death it’s just us she’s the only thing I have left in the world besides Helen of course. I just wish I had Marley back. I didn't realize I was crying until the tears stained my sweater it was a cream color with a cute little giraffe on it. Marley got it for me a week before IT happened. As I was walking home with my head down I ran into something hard like really hard. I look up to find bright green eyes staring into my hazel ones it was no one other than Harry Styles. I have always had a huge crush on him ever since I moved here in year 3. "Oh sorry love I wasn’t paying attention-oh wait you’re Mahoney right?" he said. "YEAH! Yeah, well my name is Madison but people call me Mahoney." I said. “Oh ok, well it was nice meeting you...Hey do you know where Helen is?"  Awe man. He’s looking for Helen uggg. "Yeah, she’s on the bench outside of Hollister." "Thanks, umm I’ll see you later?" "Yeah" "Hey umm do you have a phone, If you do then umm what's your number?" I gave him my number and he left. HARRY ASKED FOR MY NUMBER! AHHHH I HAVE THE BIGGEST CRUSH ON HIM!



Harry's P.O.V

I got her number. She’s pretty cute too. SCORE. Oh yeah Helen. OK. I’m by Hollister and she’s not here. WTF. I’ll just keep looking for her then.



Louis' P.O.V

That spark. I felt it and I know she did too. She’s so perfect. The way the lights shine on her face and make her look like she’s glowing. She used to hate me for something that I really don’t even know what I did. But I think I’m growing on her. We walked until we got to the wishing fountain and I gave her a coin and got one for myself. "Here make a wish and throw it in" She nodded and closed her eyes she looked so beautiful with her natural strait dark brown hair around her shoulders. She whispered to herself and threw it in, I did the same all I wished for was to have her...


Helen P.O.V

Louis handed me a coin and I closed my eyes and wished. I wished for a better life for Mahoney and her Meme I wished that I could stand up to Garret I wished that Harry and Niall would leave me alone And I wished my parents would stop ignoring me like they do. I slowly opened my eyes hoping the tears wouldn’t fall luckily they didn’t. “What did you wish for?” Lou asked from beside me. “I wished I could stand up to Garrett and my parents to stop ignoring me and for Mahoney’s life to get better.’’ He looked at me confused. ‘’What’s wrong with Mahoney? She always seems so happy. Like all the time.’’ I sighed I guess I could tell him. “About a year ago her little sister died and she has to live with her grandma and I was close to her too. So when I got all sad my parents started to ignore me I thought they were just giving me space and time but I have barley talked to them for a year and I don’t think they’ll talk to me anytime soon.’’ He looked at me with pity in his eyes. That’s one of the many things me and Mahoney hated! Pity we don’t need it or have any use for it so people should stop giving it to us! “STOP!’’ I suddenly yelled. ‘’Stop what???’’ Lou asked ‘’Stop giving me pity I can see it in your eyes! Stop I don’t need it and neither does Mahoney! So just drop it ok?!?’’ “I’m sorry” he said. “No, I’m sorry. It’s just that I hate it when people give me pity.” “Ok then I promise not to give you pity.” “Thanks” I said. He looked so perfect.



Louis’ P.O.V

She looks so perfect in her cute little pink skirt with her grey sweater tucked in it, and her cupcake necklace and her strait brown hair falling perfectly on her shoulders. I leaned in and she did too. We kissed for about 5 minutes until I felt somebody watching us. I broke the kiss, opened my eyes, and right there in front of me was my best friend, Harry. 

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