She's Not Afraid Or Is She?

Helen is just a rich, pretty,sassy (mean sometimes) girl who attends a music talent school with some celebrities. Shes not afraid of anything except one thing but no one knows what it is. Shes determined to get discovered by some big music producer but will all that change because a guy got under her skin?


1. Detention


Helen's P.O.V(your p.o.v)

I'm bored out of my mind! Im sitting here in detention after school in Mrs. Criswell's room which is full of elephants. No one knows why but she's obsessed with them. I looked around the room just to see everyone else looking just like me...Bored and annoyed. I looked over at Mrs. Criswell who was eating a bag of Doritos. Then I looked at the clock,I had 2 minutes left in this stupid boring classroom then I could go home. I silently watched the clock until there were 10 seconds left. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. I,along with the rest of the class,ran out of the room and ran down the stairwell. As I walked down the hallway making my way over to the exit were i could see my pink Camero through the tinny window I got hit with a paper ball  I turned to see who threw it just to end up staring at two big green eyes,a smirk,and brown curly hair. "So doll,what are you doing tonight?" Harry said with his deep British accent."And why do you care?" I asked. "I was just wondering if you wanted to see a movie tonight" he said. "Forgett it Styles she's going to go to Joe's Crab shack with me" an Irish accent came from behind me to reveal non-other then Niall Horan. "No, she's going to go to a cafe' with me" I heard a familiar voice say from around the courner. Then Louis came walking toward us "Says who?"said Harry "Didnt you just hear me? I did." Louis said while giving me a smile and a wink."Actually she's not going with any of you anywhere because she's going shopping with me!" I heard my best friend Madison say."Yeah,and I can make my own descicions."I said starting to walk away from the three boys "Let's go Mahoney"I said to Madison and we walked out the door. We jumped into my Camero and I started to back-out of my parking spot when I almost hit Harry! He came towards the drivers side of the car and i rolled down my window down and hit him upside the head."Ow" "You idiot, i could've run you over!"I said. "I won't take no as an answer,doll" he said "Well then I guess I have no choice then to" I quickly backed out of the parking spot and waved goodbye to him "See ya Styles!"I said and started driving towards the mall.



Sorry for the short chapter guys comment what you think I should add. An ex wanting Helen back,a boy's girlfriend, or something? And what you think might happen at the mall. Thanks guys! Much Love!

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