Vampire's Little Helper (Vampire/ Harry Styles Love Story)

*One Direction Not Famous* Jade Perrie Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's little sister. Louis and her are hunters. They have been for 5 years since their parents and sisters got killed by vampires. When Jade goes out hunting. A vampire spots her. But one thing Jade can't kill him. Nor can he kill her.

Harry the vampire is really nice to Jade. Really nice. Jade helps him out like he does to her. Even when Jason her ex comes back. But spending so much time with him. She gets in danger. But that's not all. They fall in love. Like real love. When Niall is after something he knows one thing that will make Harry give it to him. Jade. Can Harry get there in time or will he be to late? Read more and find out.


4. Chapter 4

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Jade's POV

I sat with Harry in his house. He didn't want to let me out because he was afraid that something was going to happen again. I get a call from Louis every now and again. He wanted to protect me just like Louis used too. And with him, I felt protected. But I needed to get out, even if just for a little while. 

"Harry?" I stood up, frustrated, I was tired of watching TV. He looked up at me with an amused smile on his face.

 "Yes love?" I blushed, he always called me love, and I couldn't help but get butterflies every time that he did. 

"Please take me out! Even if it's just to the coffee shop. I need to get out. You can't keep me in here forever. And remember you promised me that I could still be in my band!" He sighed. He knew that I was right. He had promised. 


Harry's POV

I got up and grabbed our jackets, tossing Jade hers. She smiled and skipped over to me, kissing me on the cheek.

"Thank you Harry!" She giggled, throwing her arms around me. Wow, she really did want to get out. She linked her arm in mine and led us to the nearest coffee shop. When we walked in, something felt off. I growled under my breath. Jade looked up at me, her eyes wide and questioning. And then someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around with wide eyes.

"Zayn." Was all I said. He was standing with a girl peaking out from behind him. I recognized her from somewhere, but I couldn't quite place her. I kept staring at her long brown hair, deep eyes, and small frame. She was quite pretty, and I could tell that Zayn wanted to protect her. By the smell of her, and the sound of her heart beating, she was still human. 

"Harry." He nodded at me, "I need your help." 


Zayn's POV

I hated going to others for help, but I knew that Harry was the only one that could help me. He had Niall's powers, therefore he was the only one that could keep Niall powerless, and Emily safe with me. I looked down at Emily, her eyes filled with fear. Her long brown hair was covering her beautiful face. 

"And how can I do that, Zayn?" Harry's voice was rough. He also had a girl clinging onto him. This must be the girl that everyone was talking about. The one that Harry would do anything to keep safe. Just how I felt for Emily. 

"Niall is after Emily." I tilted my head towards the girl in my arms, "And he will stop at nothing. Including coming for you and your girl to get his powers back. While he is powerless I am able to fend him off and keep Emily by my side, but if he gets his powers back, I think we're all dead." I could see Harry's eyes widen as he took in everything that I had just told him. He knew it was true. I could tell that his girl was a newborn. Niall must have already come for Harry. 

"So, what. You want to team up or something?" Harry didn't seem to like that idea too much. 

"I just want you to make sure that Niall gets nowhere near you or me. I'll be doing my best, too. And need I remind you, that I know that your girl used to be a hunter, and her brother, Louis? Yeah I know about him too. If any other vampires found out that you were protecting them...Not to mention that I heard Niall has a witch on his side. Remember Liam? His girlfriend Danielle is a witch. A powerful one too." I knew that I was sounding desperate. That's because I was desperate. I had used all the information that I could, hoping that it would convince Harry to be on my side. 

"Why don't you turn her? It would make her stronger, and less vulnerable." Harry pointed towards Emily. I tightened my grip around her waist. 

"No." I growled, "she wants to stay human, I will respect her wishes and keep her human. Besides, if I turn her, she'll lose her magic." Harry's eyes widened even further when I told him that Emily was a witch, too. 

"If she's a witch, can't she just keep herself safe?" I shook my head, why didn't he want to help me?

"She was never trained. Her family died when she was young. She's had no one to guide her in her powers." I had seen Emily light small fires and send people in to fits of pain for a small period of time, but she knew no spells, and using her powers seemed to weaken her. And she lost control once and almost killed someone. She was afraid to use them because she never wanted to lose control again. I could feel the magic coursing through her body and I knew that she was something powerful, more power than any other witch I had ever met. It was probably why she lost control so easily. Harry sighed, considering his options, when his girl spoke. 


Harry's POV

"Harry, we need to help them." Jade said as if it was the easiest thing in the world. I had my doubts. I didn't know if I could trust him. He has a reputation. But by the way the girl clung to him, like she needed him, and she was comfortable around him, how she trusted him, I thought that maybe he had changed, and his only agenda was to keep this girl safe. And if Jade wanted it...I had a hard time saying no to her. 

"Fine. But if anything happens to Jade, it's on your hands. I will kill you, Malik." And with that, I took Jade's hand and dragged her out of the shop. 


Niall's POV

I was seething. Harry and Jade had gotten away. Meaning that my powers went with them. I needed them back. I needed to get my Emily back. Long before I was a vampire, and I was just a normal boy, I fell in love with Emily. She was my life. And now that I was a vampire, it was all heightened. When I became a vampire, she became scared of me, running away. Right into the arms of Zayn. I didn't understand, he was a vampire too, why wasn't she scared of him? I tried everything that I could to get her back, but then Harry took my powers. I NEEDED THEM BACK! I needed Emily back in my life. And the other night, when Liam presented me his girlfriend, Danielle, the witch, I knew that I would be able to get my baby back. 

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