Vampire's Little Helper (Vampire/ Harry Styles Love Story)

*One Direction Not Famous* Jade Perrie Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's little sister. Louis and her are hunters. They have been for 5 years since their parents and sisters got killed by vampires. When Jade goes out hunting. A vampire spots her. But one thing Jade can't kill him. Nor can he kill her.

Harry the vampire is really nice to Jade. Really nice. Jade helps him out like he does to her. Even when Jason her ex comes back. But spending so much time with him. She gets in danger. But that's not all. They fall in love. Like real love. When Niall is after something he knows one thing that will make Harry give it to him. Jade. Can Harry get there in time or will he be to late? Read more and find out.


3. Chapter 3

The next day I was getting ready for my Aunty and Uncle to come over. Harry came over early. I put cologne on him. He smiled.

"Thank you" Harry said.

I smiled, "No problem."

I brushed my hair, "They will ask a lot of questions just warning you now and so will Louis" I said.

Harry nodded, "Okay."

I giggled. 




We were waiting in the lounge. I was right. Louis asked Harry a lot of questions. 

Harry leaned in my ear, "Does he know what Jason did?" Harry asked whispering.

"No... I dumped in... Louis only lets him in if he is home" I whispered back.

Harry nodded and kissed my cheek. I blushed. The doorbell rang. Louis stood up and answered it. He let Aunty Julie and Uncle Peter in. They brought the kids. The brats. Harry and I stood up. I hugged Julie and Peter. The kids sat on the couch and played their video games. Louis rolled his eyes.

Louis smiled, "Julie and Peter this is Jade's boyfriend Harry... Harry this is our Aunty Julie and Uncle Peter" Louis said.

"Nice to meet you" Harry said.

"You too Harry" Julie and Peter said.

"Kids come say hi now" Peter snapped.

Harry put his arms around my waist. I smiled.

"Harry this is our daughter Summer and our son Patrick" Peter said.

"Nice to meet you" Harry said.

"Yeah whatever" The kids said.

Harry looked at me.

"Don't worry they are like that" I whispered.

Harry nodded, "I had people like that in my family" Harry whispered.

"I'm sorry" I said.

"Yeah so am I" Harry said.




We were having dinner. It was weird seeing Harry eat.

Louis looked confused, "Are you okay Harry?" Louis asked.

"Yeah just not very hungry" Harry said.

Louis nodded, "Well you don't have to eat all of it" Louis said.

Harry nodded. My phone went off. I stood up and answered it.


"Hello" I said.

"I'm back" Jason said.

"Jason" I said.

"Hmm... How would Louis like to know the boy you are dating is a vampire" Jason said.

"You shut your mouth... How can you be alive?" I asked.

"Well a vampire named Niall found me and turned me into a vampire" Jason said.

"I don't want you anywhere near my family or I will kill you myself" I snapped.

"Oh really" Jason said behind me.

I turned and screamed.


Harry's POV

We all heard Jade scream.

"Jade" I yelled.

I dropped everything and ran up the stairs. Jade was gone.

"Jade" I said.

'Haha the only way to get her back is giving me what you stole from me which was my powers' Niall said in my head.

"Niall" I whispered.

"You better hurry" Niall said.

Louis ran up.

"Where's Jade?" Louis asked.

"Jason took her" I said getting mad.

"Why?" Louis asked.

"He used to beat her up Louis.... Jason told Jade not to tell anyone or he would kill her so she didn't tell you... She told me because she showed up at my door step 2 days ago bleeding and she told me" I said.

I heard Jade screamed.

"I am getting her back" I said.

"I am coming with you" Louis said.

"No I can't let you find out who I am... You would kill me... Like you are supposed to" I said.

"Your a vampire" Louis whispered.

"Yes but I never bit her... I couldn't because I loved her... She kept me a secret she went to my house every night when she said she went hunting" I said.

Louis nodded, "Well I won't kill you... Your a way to nice vampire for me too kill... We kill the bad ones the ones who killed our parents" Louis said.

"She told me about her parents and sisters" I said.

Louis nodded, "Where are we going first?" Louis asked.

"To my house because he needs something or he will kill her and I am not letting that happen" I snapped.

Louis nodded. Louis grabbed his weapons. I smiled. We ran down the stairs and ran to my house. When we got there. I ran into a room and grabbed what I needed.

"Let's go" I said.


Jade's POV

I was tied to a bed. 4 vampires looking at me.

"Let me go" I snapped.

"No he is almost here with a snack" Niall said.

Snack? OMG Louis.

"Leave them alone... They've done nothing to you" I snapped.

"Harry did also you" Niall said.

"Me what did I do" I yelled.

"Don't use the tone with me... You shot me remember when you first saw Harry" Niall said.

"Your the guy he was talking about" I said.

Niall nodded. Before he came. Niall chained me in the dungeon. 


Harry's POV

We got to Niall's house. I barged in.


Liam, Zayn and Jason came out of the shadows.

"Well boys long time no see" I snapped.

"Uh huh" Liam said.

We ran into the dungeon.

"HARRY GET OUT OF HERE" Jade yelled.

She screamed.


"She shot me remember" Niall said.

"Because you have no powers and I won't give them to you unless you give Jade to me" I snapped.

"But I had fun tourting her" Niall said.

Jade screamed.

"Stop" Louis commanded.

"I don't want to stop its fun" Niall said.

He cut Jade's forehead. Jade cried. I got mad. I ran to Niall and pushed him away. My fangs came down. I hissed at him.

"I turned you... I can kill you" I snapped.

Niall stood up. Louis ran to Jade. Jade was crying. Everyone else came down. I flipped Niall. I knocked him out. He would be out for 4 days. I saw Louis get thrown across the room by Jason. Jason stabbed Jade.

"Jade" I yelled. 

Liam ran and knocked me down. I hissed. Jade screamed out in pain. I felt her heartbeat speed up then slow down. I knocked Liam and Zayn out. Louis ran up and staked Jason. Jason screamed. He turned to ask. I unchained Jade and cried. Her breathing was going out.

"Come on don't die on me" I cried.

Louis ran up. "I can't lose you Jade... I will have no one else if you die" Louis cried.

"This is all my fault if we didn't meet she wouldn't be like this... I'm so sorry Louis" I cried.

"Harry it's not your fault... You made her happy" Louis said.

She started wheezing.

"Is it alright if I turn her?" I asked Louis.

Louis nodded, "If its the only way to save her" Louis said.

"It is" I said.

"Then do it" Louis said.

I bit into my wrist and placed it onto Jade's mouth.

"Come on babe drink" I whispered.

I felt Jade drink.

"You might want to turn or block your ears for this one Louis" I said.

Louis did what I said. I cracked Jade's neck. Man I hated that. Louis turned back around. I picked her up.




When we got to Louis' house. I placed Jade onto her bed.

"How long?" Louis asked.

"A few hours or more" I said.

Louis nodded. He hugged me.

"Thank you for looking after her" Louis said.

"No problem" I said.

"Wait what did..." I gasped as Louis stabbed me.

"I'm sorry Harry" Louis whispered.

I fell to the ground chocking. Louis shook his head. He pulled the stake out.

"I'm sorry I don't know what came over me" Louis said.

"I do" I chocked.

"What?" Louis asked.

"Niall" I chocked.

I screamed, "Oh god it burns."




Once Jade was awake. I could barley stand. Louis helped me. I hugged Jade.

"I love you" I said.

"Love you too" Jade said.

Louis joined in. We pulled back.

"Harry what happened?" Jade asked.

"Your brother got possessed by Niall and stabbed me" I said.

Jade nodded.

"Jade" Louis said.

"Yeah" Jade said.

"Your... Your a vampire" Louis said.

"What why?" Jade asked.

"You would have died otherwise and I couldn't stand you dying and losing someone else who is close to me... But you can either stay here or at Harry's and I will visit" Louis said.

Jade sat on the bed. We sat down with her. Jade placed her head in my chest. I put my arms around her.

"Stay with Harry" Jade said.

Louis nodded, "Well we better get you packing" Louis said.

Jade sighed, "Louis" Jade said standing up.

Louis looked at Jade.

"I am old enough now alright... I know you are worried for me and your allowed to be... But I have to make my own choices" Jade said.

"I know Ja" Louis said.

We hugged.


Jade's POV

Louis and Harry helped me move everything into Harry's house. Once we were done. Louis stayed for a while.

"Can I still be in my band?" I asked.

Harry nodded, "Yeah just be careful not to kill your friends" Harry said.

I nodded. 

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