Vampire's Little Helper (Vampire/ Harry Styles Love Story)

*One Direction Not Famous* Jade Perrie Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's little sister. Louis and her are hunters. They have been for 5 years since their parents and sisters got killed by vampires. When Jade goes out hunting. A vampire spots her. But one thing Jade can't kill him. Nor can he kill her.

Harry the vampire is really nice to Jade. Really nice. Jade helps him out like he does to her. Even when Jason her ex comes back. But spending so much time with him. She gets in danger. But that's not all. They fall in love. Like real love. When Niall is after something he knows one thing that will make Harry give it to him. Jade. Can Harry get there in time or will he be to late? Read more and find out.


12. Chapter 12


Sorry it took to long writers block. Chapter written by Thiscouldbe-ours.


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*Take note that all of this happens while Louis and Jade are visiting their childhood places so he can remember her*


Emily's POV

Jade and Louis were not supposed to be able to see their parents. They hadn't crossed over before, so they aren't supposed to be able to see ghosts. But that night, their mother came to me begging to let them see her. She wanted to be able to communicate with her children without having to go through me. I knew it would only take dark forces to make it happen. But I felt like it would be worth it. I sighed, giving in. I didn't know what the consequences would be. 

"Emily, you shouldn't do this." Zayn was at my side, his arms around my waist, kissing at my forehead, trying to convince me to stop. 
"Zayn, you need to let me go. I am the reason that you brought Jade, Harry and Louis into this mess. I need to do whatever I can to make things right." He looked into my eyes, and I melted. But I had to be strong for them. I had to use my powers for good. Even if it required dark. I knew that Zayn was scared that the darkness would consume me, as it had to Niall. But it was a risk that I was willing to take. I sat in my car for a good half an hour before I decided that this was the right decision. When I approached the grave yard, I could feel chills going down my spine. There were so many lost souls here, and I knew that some of them would be out for vengeance once I brought Jade and Louis parents over from the other side. 

"You don't need to do this." Jade's father whispered. 

"I know. But I want to." I nodded back at him. I closed my eyes, digging my fingers into the raw earth. I felt the wind whirl around me, and I lost the world. Everything else was gone for me as I fell deeper and deeper into the spell. 

"Emily! Emily wake up!" I forced my eyes open to see Zayn clinging onto me, like he thought I was dead. 

"What happened?" I gasped, "did it work?" But I he didn't answer me. Instead he crashed his lips against mine. 

"Louis and Jade are with their parents now." Zayn smiled at me, and my heart melted. Yet all at once, it went cold. 

"What are you doing here? How are you here?" I whirled around, forcing Zayn behind me. How was this even possible? 

"Looks like when you did that little spell of yours, I guess you brought me back, too. Were you thinking about me, Emily?" I stared into the lifeless eyes of Josh, the person who ruined my life. He was the reason that I had to be brought back to life so many times. He was the reason I was stuck. 

"Get away from her!" Zayn lunged at Josh, but he went right through him. 

"Silly Zayn, you can't attack a ghost." Josh floated away from Zayn and closer to me. 

"Josh, stop it." I hissed through my teeth. 

"Sorry, no can do." And all at once, everything went black.


Zayn's POV

I watched as Emily fell to the ground. Josh's ghost just smirked at me, before disappearing into thin air. I picked her up and carried her back to the car, resting her limp body in the passenger seat. 

"Zayn." I heard her moan. But when I looked at her, her eyes still weren't open.

"Em?" I held her hands, which were as cold as ice. 

"Please don't." She cried, her eyes still closed. What was happening?

"Emily! What's wrong! Why wont you open your eyes." 

"Don't let him take me away." She screamed before her eyes opened and she woke up, panting. 

"Em? Are you alright? Baby!" I pulled her into my arms, cradling her. She had already been through so much and I didn't want to let anything else get in her way. 

"I'm fine. I was just dreaming." She pulled away, "I should go back to sleep. That spell really tired me out." I drove her back home, and carried her back to out room, placing her in bed. 

"Sleep tight, my angel." I kissed her on the top of her head. 

We woke up to shouting. It was all a blur, but all of a sudden Jade was on the floor, writhing in pain. 

"Louis get out!" Emily called once more. She rushed to Jade's side, muttering spells under her breath, but nothing seemed to stop Jade's cries.

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