Vampire's Little Helper (Vampire/ Harry Styles Love Story)

*One Direction Not Famous* Jade Perrie Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's little sister. Louis and her are hunters. They have been for 5 years since their parents and sisters got killed by vampires. When Jade goes out hunting. A vampire spots her. But one thing Jade can't kill him. Nor can he kill her.

Harry the vampire is really nice to Jade. Really nice. Jade helps him out like he does to her. Even when Jason her ex comes back. But spending so much time with him. She gets in danger. But that's not all. They fall in love. Like real love. When Niall is after something he knows one thing that will make Harry give it to him. Jade. Can Harry get there in time or will he be to late? Read more and find out.


11. Chapter 11

A/N: Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Been busy. I hope you like this chapter. It's a good one. But then sad. I won't tell you what happens because I want you to read it. Chapter written by me (Harrysgravy2)

Please if you have time




*No Hate





Jade's POV

4 weeks past since Louis accepted me as his brother. He is slowly getting his memory back. Harry knows that I am broken from what Niall did to my brother. I have been talking to my parents as well. 

Mum appeared. "Hi sweetie" Mum said.

"Hi mum" I said.

"Take Louis to the lake alright he will remember a little" Mum said.

I nodded. I ran down the stairs. "Louis" Louis head snapped us as I called his name.

"Yeah Jade" Louis said smiling a little.

"I am taking you to the lake. Do you remember that?" I asked.

Louis nodded a little. "Yes I do. I went with the family when it was Felicity's birthday" I nodded at what Louis said.

"We will be back guys" I said.

Harry ran up vampire speed. "Be careful" I nodded and pecked Harry's lips.

Louis and I left the house. We got into my car. I started it and drove off. We started talking. When I got to the lake. I parked my car. We stepped out and started to talk more. His eyes widened.

"I remember something" Louis said smiling.

I didn't know if I should smile here of what. "What do you remember?" I asked.

"Jade your my- my sister. You got turned back you were dying. You fell in love with a vampire and I didn't know. You watched mum, dad and our sisters get killed 5 years ago. You were a hunter. I'm a hunter" Louis smiled.

I squealed and hugged him. Louis hugged back.

"Love you sis" Louis said.

"Love you too bro" I said


Louis' POV

I remember Jade. I remember her. I remember my sister. My beautiful cheerful sister. Who doesn't let anyone bring her down. "Can we stay here for a while?" Jade nodded answering my question. We sat down and started to talk more.

More memories came back. When Jason stabbed Jade. I would hug her every time something horrible I remembered that happened to her or me. I saw a bright light.

"Hey mum and dad" Jade said.

"Mum and dad are here?" I asked. Jade was nodding and pointed at the light.

I felt mum kiss my forehead. I smiled. Dad patted my back. I then heard giggles. It was our sisters. I was close to Felicity and Jade. I would protect them if someone hurt them. But that night when they died. I had no idea until Jade came running in.


No one's POV


Jade was asleep in her room. Along with Louis. Jade heard something so she got up and walked down the stairs. That's when she saw fangs from a persons mouth. A vampire. It charged for her mum. She watched her mum scream. She stayed silent. Tears falling from her eyes.

"Dude we have to be careful someone might hear us. Like the neighbors" A man said.

Johanna was dropped to the floor not breathing. Jade then watched the vampires continue with her father and sisters. She heard Felicity's last scream. When they were dead. The vampires took off. Jade got up and ran into Louis' room.

"Louis" Jade said.

He didn't reply.

"Louis" Jade said.

"Let me sleep" Louis moaned.

"Louis please" Jade said.

Louis woke up. Never in his life has he heard Jade's voice break. Louis turned on his bedroom light.

"What's wrong Jade?" Louis asked pulling her into a hug.

Jade cried in his chest.

"What is it?" Louis asked.

"Do you believe in vampires?" Jade asked.

"Kind of why?" Louis asked.

"I watched them kill mum, dad and our sisters" Jade cried harder.

"What?" Louis said.

"Please believe me" Jade said.

"I do sweetie" Louis said.

He then let Jade cry in his chest. She let out her tears.

*End Flashback*


Jade's POV

Mum, Dad and our sisters left. I saw tears fall from Louis' eyes.

"You watched it happen" Louis whispered.

I nodded. "Come on we have to get back" I said.

Louis nodded. We got into my car. Where I started it and drove off. We got home. Louis ran in.

"I remember Jade" Louis squealed.

Everyone cheered and clapped. I smiled and hugged Harry. He rubbed my back. 




The next day I woke up. I coughed. Vampires can't get sick? Because we are dead. I stood up and felt weak. Harry walked in.

"Jade" Harry said.

I looked at Harry. "Vampires can't get sick can they?" I asked.

"Not if they are pregnant" Harry said slowly.

I was shocked. "I can't we haven't had it yet" I said.

I started falling.


Harry's POV

Jade started to fall. I caught her. "Jade" I said. She didn't answer me. "EMILY" I yelled.

Emily ran in. "Jade" was all she said. She ran over to me. "What happened?" Emily asked.

"She asked me if vampires could get sick. I told her not unless there pregnant. And I know she isn't. And she fainted" I said.

I looked at Jade. I placed my hand on her cheek. 

"Get her on the bed" Emily said.

I placed Jade onto the bed. Louis ran in.

"Jade" Louis said.

"Jade wake up" I whispered. I felt tears fall from my eyes.. I kissed her forehead. She was sweating. "That isn't good" I said.

"What?" Emily asked.

"She's sweating" I said.

Louis was getting scared. "Louis go outside" Emily said.

"No she's my sister" Louis said.

Louis screamed.

"Emily stop Louis wouldn't handle it not as good as we can. You will kill him" I said.

Emily stopped.

"What has gotten into you. I am worried for my sister" Louis snapped.

Emily and Louis started to fight.

"GUYS" I yelled.

Louis and Emily looked at me.

I sighed and said, "I don't need this right now alright. We all don't alright. I know you are worried Louis but please go outside and wait okay. Please."

Louis nodded and walked out.

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