Vampire's Little Helper (Vampire/ Harry Styles Love Story)

*One Direction Not Famous* Jade Perrie Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's little sister. Louis and her are hunters. They have been for 5 years since their parents and sisters got killed by vampires. When Jade goes out hunting. A vampire spots her. But one thing Jade can't kill him. Nor can he kill her.

Harry the vampire is really nice to Jade. Really nice. Jade helps him out like he does to her. Even when Jason her ex comes back. But spending so much time with him. She gets in danger. But that's not all. They fall in love. Like real love. When Niall is after something he knows one thing that will make Harry give it to him. Jade. Can Harry get there in time or will he be to late? Read more and find out.


1. Chapter 1

It was 10pm time for me to hunt. I grabbed everything I needed.

"I'm going brother" I said.

"Be careful Jade" Louis said.

"I will be" I said.

If your wondering our parents and sisters got killed by a group of vampires 5 years ago. Louis and I have been hunters since them. He is so scared that I am going to get killed. He knows that I can look after myself. But I guess he is allowed to be scared. With our family and all.

I walked out of the house. I started to go hunting. I saw some vampires and killed them, "I hate you guys so much." I kept walking on. I got into a dark alley where I got pushed against the wall.

"Man you smell good" The boy said smirking at me. He had his little evil smile. A vampire smile.

"Get off me" I said pushing the vampire off. I smiled at him and pointed my gun at him, "Back off or I will shoot" I yelled. 

The boy laughed, "Now why would you do that... I only want a bite from your beautiful blood" He kept smiling it was creepy.

"Sharing Harry" A boy said.

I got scared and fired the gun. I then ran off. Putting the gun away. I got knocked down and then turned around. To see the boy. Man he looked hot. Chocolate brown curls and red eyes. Wait what am I thinking. I hate vampires they killed my family.

"Let me go" I said.

"I can't let a beautiful girl like you get away" The boy said.

He was to strong for me to push him off. 

'Mummy' replied in my head. Tears fell. I stabbed the boy. He groaned in pain. I got up and ran again. Tears falling as I remembered my parents dying. I got home and locked the door. I slid down the door. Louis ran up.

"Jade what is the matter?" Louis asked sitting next to me. I cried in Louis' chest. "It came back" I said. Louis nodded. If you are wondering. I watched them get killed. Louis was asleep. Lucky they didn't see me when they where dead. I ran to Louis' room and tried to wake him up. He woke up and I told him. He hugged me as I cried in his chest.




The next day I went to the grave yard and put flowers on my families tombstones. Tears fell. I heard the bushes moving. Like someone was there. I turned no one. It was cloudy no sun. So vampires could be out. Vampires. Oh crap. Someone knocked me out.

I woke up in a bed. I was tied to it. The boy from last night walked in.

"What do you want?" I asked.

The boy laughed and didn't say anything.

"Well for one why did you stab me?" The boy said.

Wow he is dump. "You were going to kill me" I said.

I tried to get out of the ropes.

"Won't work sweetheart" The boy smiled evilly again.

"Don't call me that" I snapped.

Louis will be worried. I needed to get home. Louis doesn't know I got to the grave yard. He doesn't know I'm missing. He won't know that I will be dead soon. The boy sat on the bed.

"What's your name?" The boy asked.

"Jade Tomlinson" I said.

The boy smiled, "Nice to meet you I am Harry."

Harry. What name for a vampire is Harry. "Tomlinson hmm... Wasn't that family killed 5 years ago."

I rolled my eyes, "My parents and sisters got killed while I watched because I needed a drink... My brother and I are the only ones who survived."

Harry nodded, "Do you know who you shot last night?"

I shook my head.

"You shot a vampire that's been following me for a while trying to kill me... So thank you... You saved me" Harry said.

I wish I hadn't killed the vampire now. "Please let me go" I said.

Harry sighed, "You can go if I get to have a bite."

I nodded. Harry got on top. His fangs came down. He went to bite when he pulled back.

"I can't" Harry said.

What a vampire can't bite? "What do you mean you can't?" I asked.

Harry looked shocked just as me. "I don't know I normally do bite people but you are different... Look I will make a deal with you... You come over here every night so we can talk and you can help me and I won't try to kill your brother" Harry said.

I nodded. Harry untied me.

"Go vampires can't know I let a hunter go" Harry whispered.

I nodded and kissed Harry's cheek, "Thank you." I then ran out of the house.

I got home and my brothers arms were crossed. "Where have you been I was worried sick" Louis said.

"I went to visit our families graves" I said.

Louis nodded. "Just tell me next time" Louis said. 

I nodded, "Will do big brother." I walked to my room and laid down. 


Harry's POV

She kissed me. A hunter kissed me. What the hell? But it was nice. I walked into my office and started to do my work. I am a book writer  I write books for schools and get the published and sold as well. I am pretty rich from it. They are all vampire books. It's all I can write. It's who I am and what life I live. I just got a great name for a story 'The Vampire And The Hunter.' Sounds good to me. It will be about a hunter who falls in love with a vampire and the vampire falls in love back.

4 hours later the door bell rang. I walked down and opened the door. I saw Jade. "Come on in" I said. Jade smiled and walked in. I shut the door. This way. "I have to be back at midnight... My brother thinks I am hunting" Jade said. I nodded. I got to my office. Jade sat on a chair. I sat on mine. "Can you sort out these for me?" I asked Jade. Jade nodded.

She grabbed the sheets off me and sat back down. She was putting them in order. She looked so cute working. No Harry stop she is your enemy. Her phone went off. I looked up. Jade looked at me sad. like I was going to tell her off or something

"Sorry" Jade mumbled.

"Its okay you can answer it if you want" I said.

"Thank you" Jade said.


Jade's POV

I answered the call.


"Hello" I said.

"Hey Jade how are you" Jason said.

"What do you want Jason?" I asked.

"I wanted to see you but your brother said you were out and well I am waiting at your house for you" Jason said.

"Get away from my house" I said.

"You haven't told anyone what I did to you have you?" Jason asked.

"No I haven't and I won't... Because they will never ever go away thanks to you" I snapped.


Harry was looking at me with worry.

"Looks Jason I have to go... You better be gone when I get home" I snapped and cancelled the call.

If you are wondering. Jason used to beat the crap out of me when we went out. I got the bruises and scars to prove it. I stood up and walked over to Harry.

"You spelt a few words wrong" I said.

Harry nodded.

I showed him. "Oh thank you... May I ask who that was?" Harry asked.

I know he was concerned. "My ex boyfriend" I said.

Harry nodded.

I looked at the time. "I should get going see you tomorrow" I said. Harry nodded.

I got home. I walked in and Jason was there. "I told you to leave" I snapped.

Jason smirked and pushed me against the wall.

"Where's Louis?" I asked.

"In bed... I told him to go to sleep" Jason said.

I got mad. Jason kicked me. I didn't scream because I would wake Louis up. I fell to the ground. Jason got on top of me. I kicked him off. But he went back on. When he finished beating me. I was covered in cuts, bruises and more scars.

I made it to the door. Because I knew he wanted to bash me again. I ran out. I got to Harry's and knocked. I don't care if he is a vampire. I have no idea where Jason was. Harry answered the door.

"Harry" I said falling.


Harry's POV

I heard banging. It better not be another hunter. I don't have time for it. I got to the door and answered it. It was Jade.

"Harry" Jade said falling.

I caught her. "Jade" I said. Nothing. "Jade" I said again. Still nothing. I checked for a pulse. There was one. But it was faint. I brought Jade inside.

I laid her on my bed. I put her top up and gasped. Who the hell did this to her? Why would they? And who ever they were will pay. I licked some of her blood. Man she tasted good. But I had to help her. I ran down the stairs and put water into a bowl and grabbed a towel. I ran back into my room. I placed the water onto her wounds.

Jade would wince every time I went over a new scar or bruise. After I finished. Jade started to wake up.

"I know I shouldn't have come here but Louis was asleep" Jade said.

"It's fine... Who did this to you?" I asked getting angry at the last part.

"Jason my ex boyfriend" Jade said.

I got mad and stood up. "Where is he?" I asked.

"All I know is that he followed me" Jade said.

I nodded. The door burst open. I saw a guy walking up.

"I told you not to tell anyone" A boy yelled.

"Jason" I whispered.

Jade nodded. I smirked. "Mind if I have dinner?" I asked.

Jade shook her head. Jason ran in. He went to hit Jade.

I pushed him against the wall. "Do not even go near her... You've done enough damage" I snapped.

My fangs came down.

"Your a vampire" Jason said.

"Yes I am and this is the last time you will hurt Jade" I snapped and pressed my fangs into his neck. I felt his heart stopping. When he stopped breathing. I let him go. Jason fell to the ground dead. I licked my lips. My fangs went back in. I turned to Jade.

"Thank you" Jade said.

"No problem beautiful" I said. I sat next to Jade and laid her down.

"Stay here tonight" I said.

Jade nodded. "Thank you again Harry."

"No need to thank me" I said.

Jade fell asleep. I smiled and fell asleep after her.

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