One Direction Imagines!

Comment which Boy you would like and your idea, you can comment of what you like and any other information about yourself and comment if you want it short or long. :)
I also do dirty and sweet imagines


5. Teon and Niall

You have only been pregnant for two weeks but you wanted to tell Niall immediately. You told yourself you would but backed out before it happended. You and niall were at the grocey store doing some, you know grocery shopping, every once in a while you two would buy random foods to try out. Like chicken dipped in peanut butter or ice cream on toast. Some were good, others not so much. It was a silly thing you two did that was fun for you both. Today you were shopping around and baby food caught your eye. OH! Nialler look baby food! You said grabbing his arm, pulling him to the aisle. "i don.t know princess, baby food? Isn't that for like baby's?" "yeah? Sol I have tons of friends who like baby food. He gave you a "Mhm sure i believe you" you just rolled your eyes at him. C'mon Nialler! You of all people a gonna deny food?? You said looking at the various flavors. "its not that Allison im just sure if I'd like- ,OH IS THAT SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS , he said grabbing the jar. Look!.Princess! You laughed at him "I see Niall". He started grabbing serveral jars of baby mush until your basket was full. Well C'mon on babe! I wanna get home and try this stuff! He said yanking you to the checkout line. When you got home Niall quickly unpacked all the groceries and laid out every single jar on the table handing you a spoon . He was going through the jars pretty quickly, and you were still on your first one "I really really love this stuff princess", he said scraping the spoon on the side of the jar, trying to construct another bite. Good, you smiled at him. "now when our baby refuses to eat you can show him/her its not bad at all. He stopped moving completely when you said that. Dropping the spoon and the jar to the table. You Realized what you said and looked down, your face turning red, what did you just say Allison? He wanted you to repeat yourself but you couldn't. He picked you and carries you to your bedoom and sets you down gently on your bed, he knelt down and asked are u serious allison"? You nodded. He took his hand and lifted up your shirt. Gliding it across your abdom. Hi baby he whispered "Daddy's gonna love you and your mother forever. Were gonna be the happiest family. I can't wait to see you! He said planting a kiss above your belly button.
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