One Direction Imagines!

Comment which Boy you would like and your idea, you can comment of what you like and any other information about yourself and comment if you want it short or long. :)
I also do dirty and sweet imagines


4. Stephanie and Harry

You and Harry were sitting on the couch being bored when he turned to you with a smile on his face. "I thought of something we could do babe!" He says like a little kid. Whats that styles? You smiled, "we should have a paint fight and be all cute like those couples on tumblr" you had to admit it sounds like fun!". Okay i will meet you outside with some paint. You went downstairs and grabbed some random colors and walked outside. Little did you know Harry already had some paint and flicked it off and splattered across your cheek. You gasped and looked at him. You did not just do that styles. He laughed "but I did!" And with that you picked up the pink paint and poured the whole bucket over.his head. You know Haz I think pink may be your color it really brings out your face. He looked at you with a playfully angry face and did the same with some blue paint it had gone on like that for about 10 minutes before you ran out of paint. You looked down and saw that you looked like a fairy thrown up on you. you started to laugh and you felt Harry came up behind you and his arms wrap around your waist as he nestled his head in the crook of your neck. You looked beautiful no matter what color you wear he whispered. You turned and kissed him on the cheek "I love you too Haz" you said and he pressed his lips to yours "i love you more Stephanie"
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