One Direction Imagines!

Comment which Boy you would like and your idea, you can comment of what you like and any other information about yourself and comment if you want it short or long. :)
I also do dirty and sweet imagines


11. Nicole and Liam

You searched the crowded room filled with teenagers for Liam, your boyfriend. He had promised to meet you here at your friends party. As you were looking around, someone bumped into you, knocking the drink out of your hand and all over your dress. "Hey! Watch it!" you say crossly. "I'm So sorry" you looked up to see a familiar face. It was Jake, the captain of the football team. You had never actually talked to him, but you saw him a lot at school. "Stay right there!" he said before rushing into  the kitchen. He was back in a matter of seconds with some paper towels in his hand. He started to press o your abdomen, attempting to soak the sticky liquid. You quickly snatched the towels from his hand. " I can do it," you grumble. He leaned in closer. " I  really am sorry, please forgive me." He gave you the cutest puppy dog eyes. Finally you sigh and say, "it's fine." He looked pleased. So Nicole, whats a beautiful girl like you doing here all alone?" He was still slightly leaning into you." Im, um waiting for my boyfriend actually. His proximity was making you nervous. "Hmm, what a shame. I was hoping you were single". He reached up tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear. "excuse me," you heard a familiar annoyed voice say, You pushed Jake away from you a bit, looking up to Liam. He was looking suspiciously between you and Jake. "Who are you?" Jake said, lazily draping his arm over your shoulder,: I'm her boyfriend!" He said angrily. shoving Jake away from you. Jake looked surprised for a moment before a sly grin spread across his face."She can than you, Payne!" Liam had a good five inches on Jake, but he wasn't a built quite as big. "What, do you think you're better for her?! He asked, pushing him back again, hard. Jake stumbled back for a bit, looking a little intimidated. "Whatever man, she's a tramp anyway," he mumbled before walking away. You had to keep Liam from going going after him. "Gosh he's a jerk," You say, giving him a peck on the lips to calm him down. He stayed silent. "Don't worry Liam, you'll always be my one and only." He smiled, pulling you into a hug."And you'll always be mine."

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