One Direction Imagines!

Comment which Boy you would like and your idea, you can comment of what you like and any other information about yourself and comment if you want it short or long. :)
I also do dirty and sweet imagines


9. Jessica and Zayn

It was time for the first dance after the wedding, a moment Zayn had felt torn over. It was no secret that he wasn't the best dancer or very fond of the activity in general. Burt he manned up and took your hand when the time came. Pulling you toward the dance floor, he looked back at you, despiration in his eyes.

"It'll be okay baby, no one will laugh, "you reassured him, knowing he was nervous about people thinking he was clumsy or awkward. " These people love you".

"He just nodded, still not quite sure. as the slow love song began to play, you put one hand on his shoulder and took his hand in yours. He held your waist, watching his feet as you began to sway in time to the music.

" Zayn Look at me", you quietly instructed. His wide eyes met yours. He began to relax when he saw your blissful smile. Lying your head on his chest, you whispered to him, telling him how much you loved him and how you couldn't wait to spend the rest of your life with him. His reacing heart slowed, no longer drumming out a nervous beat. He held you closer and rested his chin on top of you of your head, kissing your hair while rubbing the small of your back.

As the song faded out, you felt a hand on your shoulder, it was your dad, coming to start the traditional father-daughter dance.

Can i cut in? he asked Zayn, squeezing your new husband's shoulder.

Well of course, sir, Zayn answered releasing you.

"Call me Dad, your father responded, his eyes softening as he trapped Zayn in a short hug. Zayn laughed, a deep beautiful sound you loved hearing.

"Sure thing, Dad." he emphasized the last word, shooting you a wide grin.

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