One Direction Imagines!

Comment which Boy you would like and your idea, you can comment of what you like and any other information about yourself and comment if you want it short or long. :)
I also do dirty and sweet imagines


3. Hailey and Zayn

You and Zayn were dating for a year, you loved him so much,
you haven't seen him for 2 months because he was on tour , you called.him , skype , and you would talk with him about whats been going on , you still haven't told him you were pregnant
when you heard the doorbell you opened the door and you saw zayn you were surprised so you jump on him and hugged him ,
I thought you were coming back next week, you asked wiping tears off your eyes
yea, but i missed you so much and i missed your laugh, smile and your jokes.
you wanted to tell him that you.were pregnant but you couldn't
because you were thinking he might leave you , you start to cry.

Whats wrong babe? He asked wiping away your tears.
I need to tell you something its important.
both of you sit down in the living room
So what is it? He asked
you start to think but then you were ready to tell him.
Im p-pregnant.
He carries you and kisses your lips passionately
im going to be a Dad?!? He asked
You nodded and smiled
So why were you crying about it? He asked
Because i thought you were going to leave me.
why would i leave you , we are going to be a great family
You kissed him on the cheek.
you and him were watching movies and cuddling.
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