The Maid (1SHOT41D)

1SHOT41D Competition story! Hope you like it.


1. The Maid


I groaned again as I spilled all the soupy water from the cleaning bucket onto the floor. Kneeling down, I grabbed the cloth that was tucked in between my blouse and the black skirt. I began to scrub the floor - even though it was already sparkling white, cleaning up the remaining mess I had made in this huge hotel room.

The front door of the apartment opened, I quickly stood up, turning to the male figure that was at the door.
"Who are you?" He asked, confused.

"My name is Missy, I am your maid for this room." I said, smiling, before picking up the bucket. "Excuse me, sir."

"Hang on a minute!" The man said, grabbing my arm. I turned my head towards him, now giving him the confused look. "What are you doing today?"

"Cleaning your apartment, sir." I tugged my arm back before heading into the small cupboard and putting the bucket and grabbing a spray bottle. 

"Oh come on, that isn't very fun! And my name is Louis, stop calling me sir." I looked up at him, before sighing. He had his gorgeous smile on, the one he always wears in interviews or posters.

"It's my job, Louis." I went over to the dining room and squirting the cleaning product all over it.

"But today's Valentines day!" He wined, making me give him a weird look.

"Then, shouldn't you be with your girlfriend?"  I asked, wiping the liquid off in swirls.

"She kind of.. Dumped me.." He looked down at his feet, his face fallen.


"So do you want to do something?" He asked, looking back at me with a big smile. What? Sudden change of mood?

"What about my work?" I looked around at the messy rooms, the kitchen, filthy from them baking cake last night, the lounge room, I had just finished but I haven't even seen what their bedrooms look like.

"Do it tomorrow!" Louis said, grabbing a hold of my arm again, "I wont say no for an answer!"

We ran out of the hotel, Louis, literally dragging me behind him. I was lucky enough to grab my bag before going.

"But my clothes! I can't go out looking like this!" I looked down at my uniform, small stains marked around it.

"I'll get you some clothes! Then we can go get .. Carrots!" We headed down the road and into a big store that read 'Sturlight'. I had never been here as it was always expensive, and clothes that I would never look good in.

"Carrots?" I laughed, half smiling.

Louis dragged me around the shop, grabbing clothes and matching it onto me. Around half an hour of dragging, Louis had finally found and outfit and pushed me into the change rooms. Surprisingly, they where the right size. 

As I started putting on the tank top and shorts I could hear him chatting up the receptionist. 
I looked at the small mirror, completely astonished at my appearance. A shirt that only went up to my belly button and the shortest shorts that I had even seen.

"Louis!" I squeaked out from the change room, trying to cover my belly button and stomach and my thighs - that's how short they where.

"What, Missy?" He asked, all of a sudden, the curtain disappeared and Louis was staring at me. "Looks good." He winked at me.

"No! Too short! I feel like I'm naked!" I protested, still trying to cover my skin.

"Okay!" He walked off and in a couple of minutes he came back with some long clothes. I smiled at him, grabbing them and putting them on. A black long sleeve shirt, that was gorgeous and skinny jeans.

"Perfect, Louis!" I jumped out of the change room, some-what happy all of a sudden. I pulled my lackey out and letting my brown hair flow down. I grabbed my bag that was still in the dressing room, grabbing out my shades and putting them on my head. Louis smiled at me, before grabbing me and running off.

We ran past many other shops before we stopped at a vegetable store. 

"Wait here," He said, heading inside. Lots of people gave me strange looks. I smiled and said hello to most, but others ignored and went to the other side of the road as soon as they laid eye contact. My confidence started slipping away from me, and just like how fast my happiness came it went. I started feeling self conscious. 

Louis came out of the store holding something in his hands, it was orange. The look on my face must of shown how I was feeling because instantly Louis said. "Whats wrong?"

"Nothing much, I was just thinking." I smiled, walking next to him, we had stopped running all of a sudden, and Louis' hand wasn't on my arm - thank god. I looked behind me, thinking someone was about to pop out behind a wall and murder me completely, or someone was stalking us, but for every time I looked, no one was there, but busy people walking around.

Our path was completely clear of people as they all went to the other side of the street. Louis' face kept changing to confusion from what was happening.

"They're moving to the other street because of me." I mumbled silently.

"What was that, Missy?" He asked, as he couldn't hear my voice.

"They're moving because I'm here, across the street." I said a little bit clearer. 

"How long have you been here for?" He asked.

"A couple of weeks. The other hotel in Australia, sent me here for this big maid job thing." I laughed.

"That would explain your accent and..!" Louis said, smiling. "You're in England. People do this all the time, mostly to go to stores on the other side of the street." Louis winked. It was true though, I looked around more clearly and everyone that moved to the other side of the street went into the stores.

"If you know this, how come your expression showed confusion?" I asked, now being the confused one.

"I was thinking of Eleanor." I face-palmed myself, that obviously being the answer.

"Of course." I said, giggling a bit.

We stopped at a small park, a large cinema screen was in the middle of the oval. "Is this a drive-thru?" I asked.

"Yes" Louis smiled, we sat down on a slop, I kept trying to lay  down properly, before having to sit at the bottom and using the slop as a chair-sort-of-thing. The sky started going dark as I realized it was night time, the movie started playing 'Jaws'.

Louis grabbed out two carrots, one for him and one for me. I looked at him, smiling and taking a bite out of one.

"You where serious." 

"Always am. By the way, why did the mushroom go to the party?" He asked.
"I already know that joke!" I laughed as it was the most obvious joke. Louis head turned to the right before he gave me a small smile.


"Because he's a fun guy!" I yelled, excitedly. I covered my mouth with my hand as everyone that was watching the movie turned to us. I waved at them with the carrot still in my hand before bursting into laughter.

We watched the movie silently, cuddling up together, my confidence zooming up out of my head.
As the movie finished with a crunch I looked over to Louis, him looking back as well, I kept zoning into his eyes, then his lips and before I knew it I planted a small kiss on his lips.

We walked back to his apartment, another carrot in my hand, crunching it.

"I better go home now." As we reached his apartment. "Its been fun."

"You aren't getting away from me that easily." He winked, picking me up bridal style, carrying me up to the apartment and kicking it open, all through out it, our eyes were locked. I laid on a bed, I hadn't realized we were even in his room.

I looked around smiling. "I wont be needing to clean this room."

"After this you will be." He smirked. I kissed him knowing I would be waking up to his face.

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