Too Fast

A random girl named Magnolia goes to the club with her friends and bumps into Niall Horan. Will she fall in love too fast? Read to find out


2. The Hangover

Magnolia's p.o.v.:
I decided not to tell my friends about Niall. I knew they would absolutely freak out. When we got to my flat they all waved goodbye and I stepped out of the car. I walked in and up the narrow stairs. I fumbled to get my keys with the alcohol still running through me. I stepped in and plopped down on the bed to hear a series of beeps. I checked my phone.
Niall: Hi
Magnolia: what's up
Niall: nothing hbu
Magnolia: eh same I'm just tired
Niall: oh I'll let you sleep then by
Magnolia: bye
I sighed and set my phone down. Could I really be in love with him even after only one hour. I slowly drifted off to sleep.
Niall's p.o.v.:
I sighed and sat my phone down. I cuddled up into a ball and thought. I wondered if she even knew who I was. I'm Niall Horan from one direction how could she not recognize me. After all it was dark and loud in that club. I finally came to the conclusion that it was to dark for her to see me therefore she couldn't see who I was. I fell asleep for what seemed like a minute as my alarm clock beeped loudly giving me a headache. I got up slowly and took a pill. Of course, I had to go to the recording studio today. I got ready and headed out the door. I got into my car and drove off. Once I got there I was greeted by fans waiting for the five of us to arrive. I stepped out waiting for my headache to come back. Liam walked over to join me. We ran in avoiding the crazy crazy ones.
"Man, that is one big crowd out there." Liam said as we joined the others in the the room. I sat down and held my head.
"Are you alright Niall?" Zayn asked. I nodded my head.
"Yeah, I just had a little bit to much to drink past night." I said. They nodded their heads in agreement.
"Well, boys you better get recording." The lady said. It was Zayn's turn first, then Liam, Harry, Louis, and then me because they were trying to see if my headache would go away. It didn't. I struggled to read and sing the music. It was a long day but we finally left at about ten o'clock at night.
Magnolia's p.o.v.:
I was tired and all I wanted to do was sleep but then I heard a beep and checked my phone.
Niall: hi
Magnolia: hi what's up
Niall: oh nothing I just have a huge hangover
Magnolia: me to I couldn't get any work done did we really have that much to drink last night
Niall: it didn't feel like it
Magnolia: I forgot to ask you last night what's even your last name
Niall: Horan
Magnolia: wait so you mean THE Niall Horan!!!!!
Niall: Ya
Magnolia: srry don't mind me while I fangirl for a sec ajsfilsjjislqpajwijebdhdjekiwjebdurjdkdoskhsi
Niall: ok you good
Magnolia: ya ok mines Carlson so I better go before I die I must recuperate myself.
Niall: ok by
I just couldn't believe I had talked to Niall Horan. I almost texted my friends but I don't know if he wants anyone to know about me. Thank god tomorrow is Sunday no work no nothing.
When I woke up I checked my phone. I had a missed call from Niall. So I called him.
"Hey you called." I said. There was a slight pause.
"Yeah so I was wondering if you want to make us public?" He asked. I froze, I had no idea what to say.
"Um, sure!" I said a little bit to excited. He laughed and I joined in.
"That's what I was hoping, how about I'll pick you up at six and wear something fancy." He said.
"Alright bye see ya then." I hung up. I was worried what if I was rushing I knew tons about him but not enough.

Authors note:
I'm to tired to edit this so ya here you go. Feedback is aprectaited
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