Too Fast

A random girl named Magnolia goes to the club with her friends and bumps into Niall Horan. Will she fall in love too fast? Read to find out


4. I'm Famous

Magnolia's p.o.v.:
I was left there staring at my door shocked at what just happened. Niall Horan kissed me twice Niall Horan. I slumped down on my bed and fell asleep in my dress. I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I sighed and got up, checking my phone.
Amelia: why didn't you tell us!!!
Magnolia: what do you mean???
Amelia: about Niall
Magnolia: I didn't know it was him until like two days ago and I didn't know if it was official
Amelia: ok ya whatever
I got ready and headed out the door.
"Oh my god there she is!" I heard someone yell. I looked up to see a young girl who was obviously a huge directioner.
"Can I take a picture with you." She asked. I looked at her like she was crazy, I only kissed Niall last night. Was it already all over the Internet.
"Um sure, why not?" I asked getting into a pose. She laughed when we started doing silly ones.
"You're very lucky, many girls would kill to be you!" She said. I smiled.
"I don't think they would go that far." I said sarcastically. She waved goodbye and I started walking again. I walked into the small boutique that I worked at and climbed behind the counter. It was a slow day only a couple costumers. I walked back to my flat. My phone ringed.
"Hello?" I said. There was a pause.
"You are famous princess, they absolutely love you!" It was Niall. I laughed.
"Oh okay I haven't gotten any hate yet so I guess some like me." I replied.
"You crack me up, of course they love you everyone loves you." He said.
"Alright alright enough about me, how was your day?" I asked.
"Tiring, and really long." He said with a huge sigh. "Can you come over, I am so bored?" Niall asked.
"Ya sure." I said."Bye see ya soon." I hung up. I made myself more pleasant looking and climbed into my car. I drove up to his flat and walked in. I slowly made my way up the stairs and knocked on his door.
"Hey princess." He said greeting me at the door. I walked in.
"What's up?" I asked. He shrugged and sat down on the couch. I plopped down next to him.
"Wanna watch a movie?" He asked.
"What movie?" I replied.
"Have you seen 21 Jump Street?" He asked. I nodded my head no. He got up and put it into the DVD player.
"I'm going to make popcorn." He said walking into the kitchen. He returned in a couple minutes and sat back down wrapping his right arm around me and his left tossing popcorn into his mouth. I feel asleep on his chest halfway through the movie.
"Mag, wake up." He whispered in my ear. I opened my eyes and shot straight up forgetting I was with Niall. I leaned back into the couch and rubbed my eyes.
"What time is it?" I asked sleepily. He checked the clock.
"Almost noon." He answered. I nodded my head and closed my eyes. "You wanna get some lunch?" He asked.
"I don't have anything to wear." I complained. He looked at me and laughed for a second.
"You are such a girl, you can wear one of my shirts and you can just wear your jeans if that's alright." He explained. I nodded my head and got up. He walked over to his room and came back with a plaid button up.
"Thanks." I said walking to the bathroom. I came back out to find him dressed and ready.
"You ready to go?" He asked me. I nodded my head and we headed out.
"Where are we going?" I asked. He thought for a little bit.
"Nando's, if that's alright with you." He said.
"Ya no problem." I said.
"There might be fans in there so get ready to be swarmed." He explained.
"Swarmed, oh god I'm claustrophobic." I said scared.
"Don't worry I'll protect you just make sure you protect me too because so am I." He said laughing. I joined in. His laugh was so cute and contagious I couldn't help myself. We stopped for a couple pictures and we finally got there.
"Mom, look who it is!" I heard someone scream. Everyone looked our way.
"Get ready." He whispered in my ear. A ton of people came over asking for autographs am pictures. I held onto him tight almost on the verge of crying. There were so many people. We got our order and ran back out.
"Are you alright?" He asked caringly. I nodded my head.
"Just a little shooken up." I replied. He put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me in closer to his side.
"It's alright now." He said kissing my forehead. I put my head on his shoulder and we kept walking to his flat.

Authors note:
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