Grace was 15 years old and loved to sing,so she decided to try out for the X factor,not expecting to get anywhere.But her expectations change after she gets thought boot camp.


1. The audition

Graces POV:
Hi I'm Grace,I have brown hair,brown eyes,I'm tall,I'm skinny, and I'm 15."Grace wake up" my mom said.I shot out of bed and grabbed the outfit I had laid out on my dresser.I changed and quickly applied a light coat of makeup."Grace come on it's four we need to go" my mom yelled.I ran and jumped into my moms car."let's go before the line gets long" I said.My mom started driving to the X factor arena,hopefully the wait won't be too long."do you have the song ready" my mom asked."yeah" I said.My mom dropped me off at the arena.I checked in and got in line,but it was really short,I was the fifth person in line.They called my name and I walked on stage."hi what's your name" Demi asked me."Grace litayl" I said."hello grace what are you going to sing for us today" Demi asked."same love by mackelmore,Ryan Louis,and Mary Lambert" I said."I don't want to offend you but are you gay" Simon asked nicely."no but my cousin is so I support gay marriage" I said."ok, well why don't you sing for us" Simon said.The music started playing."And I can't change,even if I tried,even if I wanted to.And I can't change,even if I tried,even if I wanted to.My love,my love,my love,she keeps me warm,she keeps me warm,she keeps me warm,she keeps me warm" I sang.The music stopped,I looked at the judges."I loved your singing and the song you chose was perfect,it's a yes for me" Simon said."Grace,that was beautiful,I'm actually tearing up,yes" Demi said wiping the bottom of her eye.The other judges all gave me yeses."congradulationations grace" Simon said." Thank you" I said before walking off stage.
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