You only live once

Chastity is a lonely 16 year old girl, she had watched her family and her boyfriend die right before her eyes. Every day and night she sits alone- crying. Why did life had to be so difficult?


2. Chapter 2.

I sat on my couch eating ice cream, watching Sesame Street and crying. It was exactly 6 years the night my family had died.

"Are you sure you don't want a chocolate milkshake"Mary asked from the kitchen
Mary was the lady who saved me that night. I now live with her and I love her.

"No thankyou, I'm fine." I yelled towards the kitchen
Mary had a baby son, his name was Jason. He reminded me alot of Christian. I missed my Family so much. But I knew they were in a safe place, Heaven. I got up off the couch and went to my bedroom. I jumped onto my bed and picked up my phone from my bedside table. I had a new text from my bestfriend Lily.

Hey can you come to my house. NOW. I have someone you need to meet.
I grabbed purse and my iPod and walked over to Lily's house which was only 4 houses to the left. I walked through the door to her bedroom an put my purse, phone and iPod down on her bed. She jumped out behind me giving me a big hug. A boy walked in with her about the same age as me.
"Hi I'm Luke, nice to meet you" his blue eyes sparkled at me.

"I'm Chastity and its nice to meet you to" I smiled.
Lily was 17 and I was 16 but she was still in year 10. She lived by herself because her parents were alchaholics so she left them when he was 15 and bought her own house.

"So how do you guys know eachother" I asked

"He's a family friend" Lily replied

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