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2. Broken Hearted

Watching the TV was getting me frustrated. Why can't everything just be normal. Why can't I be normal? I took my attention back to what the tv announcer was saying.

'and that's how, British boyband, The Wanted, split up. If you want more information on that story then go to our website for details. Later tonight An Ly will be talking about her recent break up with One Direction star Harry Styles.' 

Omg. I can't stand people. We've been together for years and no one has cared, then the second we break up, BAM. Whole world blames me & Harry is the angel. Pfftt yea right. 

*ding dong* 

Uhhh why can't people leave me alone! I slowly get up from the couch, saying, well not saying, half yelling, that I was coming, hold ya horses, when I hear the jingle of a key. It's just Harry. 

Just like I expected, the door flung open and in walked the curly haired devil himself. I must say. Very attractive devil he was. 

He must have seen the disgusted look on my face because he showed me that toothy grin I fell in love with. He chuckled. 

'Babe, take a picture it lasts longer..' he smiled at me. 

I glared at him. 'Don't call me babe, styles.. What are you doing here anyway.' 

He looked at me as if I had two heads. 'I still live here?' 

'oh, right.. Im going to watch tv..' I half whispered. I totally forgot he hasn't moved out yet. Awkward.. 

I sat on the couch, grabbed the remote and switched from the news to Americas got talent. HA. Love this show. 

I felt the couch move beside me. I didn't even bother to look to know it was Harry. 

'sighhhhh...' He breathed very loudly. Okay then. 

I glanced at him. He was looking at me. Great. I moved slightly under his gaze. 

'SIGGHHHHH..' he said ever louder.

'Seriously styles? What's up. Huh? Wanna talk to me about it?' I'm getting mad. He knows I hate it when he 'sighs'.

He faced his body towards me and smirked. I turned the tv off and faced him. Next thing I knew his hand was on my leg. Like, righttttt up my leg. 

I looked from him to his hand, back to him. He chuckled. 

'So An, I was thinking maybe we could, go to dinner or stay here and go to my bed' he smiled, winking at me. 

I stared at him. No no, not stared. I gawked at him in shock. What was wrong with him? 

'Harry we broke up 9 days ago. I'm not doing anything with you. See I'm trying this new thing where I try an get over you.' I replied, moving his hand off of my leg. 

He looked at me then grinned. 'Hows that going for ya.' 

I couldn't take it. I shook my head and stood up, sighing on the way.

'I don't wanna talk Harry. Goodnight.' 

Before he could reply, I was walking up the stairs as into my room. 

I got to my door and I smelt vanilla. It was my favourite scent but I didn't own any candles, or vainlla perfumes or anything. I shook it off and walked into my room.

I looked around at what was infront of me. It wasn't my room any more, it was beautiful. There where white rose petals everywhere, and candles lit the room, iluminating the prettiest light. There were sheets on the bed that I didn't recognise as my own. 

As I walked closer to the bed, I noticed a small pile of red rose petals. I tried to pick them up to smell them, but there was something hard underneath. 

I brushed away the petals and picked up the mystery object. It was a box, and small black box. 

As I stood up slightly, I felt a warm set of arms wrap around my waist. 'Open it' he whispered. Oh god he used his sexy voice. He's so hot when he does that. 

As I nuzzled the back of my neck into Harry's shoulder I opened the little black box. I gasped in shock, and turned around to Harry, who was already on one knee. 

'Dont freak out this isn't a proposal. I just want you to know, breaking up with you was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. So i want you to take this ring An, and I would like to know, will you re-be my girlfriend?' 

What. Is. Happening. 

I grabbed Harry's face in my hands and pulled him up. As he opened his mouth to talk, I put my lips to his. Nodding an mumbling yes, over and over again. 

Harry pulled away after a few seconds and put the ring on my middle finger. That's it. It's done. 

He's mine, and he will be forever. I lightly kissed him on the lips again, smiling into the kiss. 

I'm glad it was him. I'm glad I fell in love with Harry Styles.

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