Unperfectly Perfect (a Niall Horan fanfic)

Hi, my name is Daisy Carpenter and i am a huge directioner!! i go to meet one direction at a concert, and that is how it all started. there isnt much i need to tell you besides the fact that niall fell in love with me and i did the same to him. oh yeah! one more thing, im deaf.


2. authors note:)

Hey guys!! just wanted to say im sorry for saying 'yall' so much! i actually am texan so i say yall. i looked back and realized i said it soooo many times and realized that could possibly be annoying! also, some of the stuff i write is about me. like living in rockwall, (i live close, but everything i do is in rockwall), how the concert is in dallas, (the arena they perform in when they come here is in dallas), my bestfriend being named bri and calling her briana-anne, (that really is an inside joke). i am also homeschooled, and do get asked how i have friends, and also i have been asked by someone from Rio De Genero on Kik if i own horses or slur my words, and no. i dont. so yeah, just thought i'd let yall (there it is againXD) know i write random facts about me! please comment on what you think, whether i should keep going, and suggestions!:)

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