Unperfectly Perfect (a Niall Horan fanfic)

Hi, my name is Daisy Carpenter and i am a huge directioner!! i go to meet one direction at a concert, and that is how it all started. there isnt much i need to tell you besides the fact that niall fell in love with me and i did the same to him. oh yeah! one more thing, im deaf.


1. chapter 1.

Hello!! my name is daisy carpenter and i am 17 years old. i have dirty blonde hair and green eyes. im also really insecure considering i am 180 pounds and well... im deaf. ive always gotten made fun of because of my weight, and once the bullies found out about how im deaf, it got worse. the only person who sticks up for me is my bestfriend, Bri. but i call her Briana-anne (its kinda an inside joke) anyways, enough about me, heres my story about how i met/fell in love with niall horan.


i was getting ready for co-op, on friday. yes, i am homeschooled, and yes, i have friends! i get asked that alot... anyways. i put on some black leggings with a sweater dress and black combat boots. i got text from my best friend, bri, saying she had HUGE news for me!!

i got to school and found bri immediately, since i was really eager to find out the news! "hey Briana-anne! what is the news?" I signed to her making sure she saw my eager-ness in my facial expressions. "hey daisy! okay ill tell you. but, prepare your self, i got us... pause for dramatic effect...... ONE DIRECTION TICKETS!"she signed that last part with funny facial expressions. we both screamed with excitement... really loud!! "i cant believe you got us tickets!!!!! and to our favorite band of all time!!" i signed. "i know!! i figured since it is your birthday soon and you have had a hard time with the bullies lately, you needed some cheering up!" she signed. "thank you soooooo much!!" i signed adding extra 'o's.

skip to concert~~~~~~~~


FINALLY! today is the day of the concert!! and the day i get to see niall!! eep!! im soo excited! now, your probably wondering how i listen to their music and why i am going to a concert if i cant hear them. how i know its amazing is, i look up the lyrics, and to feel the beat, i put my hand on the speaker, and kinda just put the words to the beat and hope thats how it is. bri made sure to get front row tickets so we are close to the speaker so i can enjoy it. she literally is the best ever!

right now im getting ready for the concert. i put on sme skinny jeans and a 1D shirt.  i also put on some eyeliner and mascara, and wore my hair natural. which is curly.  now that i am ready i tell my mom im gonna go to bris since she is taking me there. she only lives a street away so i just walk. when i get there i walked in, cause this is like my second home. i saw Mrs. Burg in the kitchen and went to hug her. she saw me and gave me a huge hug and then signed hello to me. "hi mom!" i signed. i always call her mom because she is like my mom. once me and bri became friends her whole family learned sign language so i wouldnt feel awkward having to have them write stuff down, or have bri translate. thats one of the reasons i love her family so much, i because they exepted me like partof their family. i went to bris bedroom and saw her putting on her last bit of makeup. "ready?" i signed. "ready." she signedback. we got into her car and were on our way!

the car ride took about 1 hour considering it was in dallas and we lived in rockwall. we live in texas, but no, before you ask, i dont own horses nor do i slur my words. she turned on the up all night cd loud. one cause she said its better loud, and two so it would vibrate the speakers so i could feel it.

we finally got to the concert and to our seats. then, the countdown began. in 10 seconds i will finally get to see niall!! i looked over to bri. and she looked just as excited to see harry. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.     the boys ran out stage and started with a song. since we were front row, we were close to the speakers so i put my hand on it and then started dancing because i figured out that they were singing na na na. its one of my favorites! being deaf requires you to learn some special skills. like, recognizing a song by the beat. all throughout the concert i kept on seeing the boys give me weird looks for concentrating on the speaker and not them. if only they knew how much i wished i could hear them and enjoy it without having to look weird with my hand on a gigantic speaker.

the concert ended too soon, and on my way back to the door to leave i felt a tap on my shoulder. me and bri turned around and there before us, was paul. the paul higgings. wow! was all i could think. "hello girls. the boys came to me afterthe concert and asked me to come and get you two. they would like to speak with you. you wanna come?" paul said. your probably wondering how i know that, well you see, i can read lips pretty well, and i can also speak without sounding weird. i wasnt always deaf, so i know how to speak. it was a car accident when i was 13 that caused me to loose my hearing. me and bri looked at eachother gobsmacked (haha.. british words;)) "are you serious?!" bri asked paul. "of course! they saw you concentrating on the speaker, and were very interested. would yall like to come and speak to them?" paul said/asked. "of course!!!!" i said. "follow me." we went backstage and down a long hallway before stopping at a door that said 1D dressing room. bri and i looked at eachother nervous just before paul walked in. we walked behind him and just kinda stood there awkwardly. "boys", paul said getting their attention,"here are the girls yall wanted to speak to. yall get 1 hour with them, unless yall want more." Paul said leaving. "hello, im briana but you can call me bri!" bri said to them. we then got a courus of 'hi's' and 'hellos'. "what is your name?" liam asked. "my name is daisy." thats when niall turned around from the fridge. once our eyes met, it was magical!




Hey guys!! well, that was the first chapter:) sorry for the length of it, i had details i didnt want to leave out, and i wanted to get to the concert before the next chapter! PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!!!!! this is my second movella, i ended the first one cause it was crap. (if you read it you will understand) but i decided to give it another try!! but add a twist;) (the deaf part) just so you know, i am not deaf, but i know two people who are, so...... yeah. PLEASE comment on what you think, and whether or not i should keep going!

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