One Way, One Direction

Jami and her best friend are throwing a huge party for their whole city practically. But they sure weren't expecting One Direction to be there! But later on, Jami gets really mad and angry about her mum's murder. She starts training at a gym for boxing. Jami was determined to kill him. The guys let her stay at their place. She realizes that her boxing training reflects on Harry. Will she be able to find her mum's murderer?


5. What was happening

I sat with Harry in the car. We where still silent.
"I will be right back." I said getting out. I walked over to a policeman. I shifted his shoulder to face me. "Who killed her?" I ask raising a eyebrow.
"Non of your business kid.." He says looking at my mum's window.
"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?! SHE IS MY MOTHER!!! THIS IS MY HOUSE!! WHO FRICKIN KILLED HER?!?!?!?!?!" I yelled without thinking. The cop looked at me hurt. But I didn't care. I was mad. The guy handed me a photo. He had a lot of tatoo's and was bald.
"That is Jayson Miller. He escaped from prison last summer. He is known as the shadow man for being so sneaky." The cop said. I took the picture in the car with me. I stared at Harry.
"Who's that?" Harry asks. He jumps when he sees my face.
"Your eyes are black." He says.

I felt so bad for Jami. She was hurt. But when I looked at her now, she was a different person. It has been 3 days since the incident and all she talks about is killing him. She gets up at 5:00 every morning and runs to somewhere with a duffle bag. I wonder where she goes. But today, I was going to find out. I lay in bed. Listening to the door's "click." I finally heard it and ran down stairs. I waited until she turned the corner on our street. Then hopped in my car. I stalked her. Well, don't call it stalking. I finally saw her going into a gym. I parked my car and ran in.
"Can I help you sir?" A girl asked behind the counter. She seemed into me. I ask her if Jami Johnson was here. She lead me into a room. There where many people lifting weights and running on treadmills. I scanned the room and sw Jami. She had her hair up in a high messy bun. She wore a plain white tanktop and black shorts. She was boxing. She was training with somebody. A guy. She punched a bag. But she had blood on her knuckles. She wore no gloves. Just her bare hands. She was strong. I sat down on a bench and watched. She walked over to the weights. Her trainer's name seems to be Rick. He put on two 60's. One on each end. I almost died watching hr lift them with ease. Something was wrong with Jami. She seemed strong.
A/N Sorry this wasn't as tense as I thought it would be. LOL. Byeeee
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