One Way, One Direction

Jami and her best friend are throwing a huge party for their whole city practically. But they sure weren't expecting One Direction to be there! But later on, Jami gets really mad and angry about her mum's murder. She starts training at a gym for boxing. Jami was determined to kill him. The guys let her stay at their place. She realizes that her boxing training reflects on Harry. Will she be able to find her mum's murderer?


3. That tingley moment

I woke up the next morning. My mum was frying eggs.
“Hey honey, how was the party?” She asks scooping some up on my plate.
“One Direction came!” I squeal.“Harry said he would text me!”
“Shut the front door...” My mum says standing there. I smile and finish my breakfast. Then I get a text,
“Hey Jami, Sorry I said I was gonna text you last night, I fell asleep ;P” I knew it was Harry from off the bat.
“Wussup Styles!” I wrote back.
“Want to go out on a date?” He said back. I almost fainted.
“YEAAAAA WHERE?!?!?!” I quickly typed running down the stairs and running to Haley's house. I almost got hit by a car. Twice. Then I heard the beep.
“I'll pick you up at Haley's.” I immediately stopped and turned around to my house. I ran upstairs and got the nicest clothes I could find. Then brushed my blonde hair. I smiled as I looked at my braces. They where clear, but you could see the wire. I hated them. You couldn't eat popcorn, kiss, or chew gum! I hated it. After I was all ready, I drove to Haley's.
“Shut up!!!” She said dropping her phone.
“There’s his car now!” I said shutting the door on her. I ran and got in the passenger side.
“Hey Jami!” He said looking my green eyes.
“Hey Styles!” I said poking his shoulder.
“Where we going?” I asked waving to Haley.
“To my house.” He said. It was better than going somewhere, it was the guys' house! I smiled.
“You look adorable in braces!” He said poking my cheek.
“No I don't, I can't kiss, eat popcorn, chew gum...” I go on with a list of things I can't do. But then I feel his lips lightly kiss mine.
“You can too kiss...” He chuckles.
“Oh...” I say smiling.
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