One Way, One Direction

Jami and her best friend are throwing a huge party for their whole city practically. But they sure weren't expecting One Direction to be there! But later on, Jami gets really mad and angry about her mum's murder. She starts training at a gym for boxing. Jami was determined to kill him. The guys let her stay at their place. She realizes that her boxing training reflects on Harry. Will she be able to find her mum's murderer?


2. Meeting them...

I woke up and took a shower. I put on some jeans, and a Victoria Secret sweatshirt, and some moccasins. I grabbed my bag and got in my car. It was way better than riding the bus. I drove down the street to Haley's house. Her car was getting its brakes fixed so I gave her a lift.
“Hey Jami!” She says climbing in.
“Excited for tonight?” I ask pressing on the gas.
“Yes! I got the cutest dress ever!” She screams showing me a picture of it on her iphone.
“OMG, where did you get that?!” I yell.
“My mom's old dress from her prom.” She says winking. We laugh then start to pull up to our high school.
“Last day huh?” I say taking my bag and climbing out.
“Yep.” She says walking at my side. “Gonna miss it.” We look at each other and laugh.
“OMG watch out!” Haley screams pulling me back. Some crazy kid pulled out in front of us.
“WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING!!!!” I yell. I am not afraid to give someone a little punch or scar. Haley knows that.
When school gets out, me and Haley get stopped by several people asking what time is the party. We start to run to my car. Then I drop her off at her house.
“See you tonight!” She yells running up to her mansion house. I drive to my own and get my dress on. It is beautiful, I apply my makeup and then leave my hair down. It flows wavy to my middle back. I smile and drive to Haley's. I am always the first one there to help greet people and help out. I run inside and get ready by the door.
“Hello welcome to the party!” I say over and over again. There is about 50 people here in 30 minutes. I wonder what it will be like in 2 hours! I stand there opening the door and greeting. Haley tells me to stop. I let my hand slide off the knob and hit somebody.
“OMG I am so sorry, holy mother of god!” I say yelling for Haley. Her eyes get wide and I scream. I finally say.
“NIALL!!! HARRY!!! LIAM!!! LOUIS!!! ZAYN!!!” I jump up and down and finally stop. I lead them in. They sit down on the couch. I walk over to them.
“Can I get you guys anything?” I ask like a waitress.
“Your name and number!” Harry say jumping up. I look at his eyes. The same color as mine. I write it down on a piece of paper and hand it to him.
“My name is Jami, and this is Haley.” I say pointing back to her. She is blushing and giggling.
“Who's house is this?” Louis asks looking at me.
“Haley's...She is a multi millionaire!” I whisper.
“Well, not multi...” She says being sassy. We chat about their songs for a little while and then hear a scream.
Some girl yelled. We laugh our heads off at her. Then it gets really late.
“I gotta go...” I finally say getting up and leaving, I hear the rest of them leave and say goodbye. Then hear running footsteps.
“Wait, Jami... I'm gonna text you tonight!” Harry says chuckling. I almost drop my phone. I nod and get in my car. He watches me leave. OMG Harry Styles is going to text me!!!
A/N: Please comment if you see any mistakes! Thanks! ~E
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