One Way, One Direction

Jami and her best friend are throwing a huge party for their whole city practically. But they sure weren't expecting One Direction to be there! But later on, Jami gets really mad and angry about her mum's murder. She starts training at a gym for boxing. Jami was determined to kill him. The guys let her stay at their place. She realizes that her boxing training reflects on Harry. Will she be able to find her mum's murderer?


9. Boarding

I wake up at Port Canaveral. We where in Florida. I slept a good 4 hours in the van. I laugh looking out my window. The ship is huge. Carnival Sensation and Royal Carribean are docked next to it. We wait in line for at least 40 minutes, and then another hour getting checked in. We finally get to board! I act like a four year old in a candy shop. I was so excited.
"One Direction is now boarding the ship." The speaker crackles. I laugh running down the hall to find our room with Niall. We find it and open the door. We got a sweet so it is huge. I unpack my suitcase and put on a turquise strapples bikini. Then we get in the elevator to go to the pool!
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