One Way, One Direction

Jami and her best friend are throwing a huge party for their whole city practically. But they sure weren't expecting One Direction to be there! But later on, Jami gets really mad and angry about her mum's murder. She starts training at a gym for boxing. Jami was determined to kill him. The guys let her stay at their place. She realizes that her boxing training reflects on Harry. Will she be able to find her mum's murderer?


8. A day to remember

We get nicer and dryer clothing on. I am wearing a flurry grey tank top, short shorts, and moccasins. My hair was up in a messy bun. I walked down the stairs and hear Niall whistle. "Oh shut up Nialler!" I say giggling. I sat down to eat my breakfast Liam and Zayn cooked for us. It was really good. Scrambled eggs and bacon. They where good cooks. I heard Louis and Harry come down the stairs.
"Lets go out tonight!" Louis yells to us. "So I can wear my tux-tux!" He says jumping over the couch.
"Acually, I booked us a cruise..." Louis says smiling at me. My eyes get big. My face lights up.
"Really?! What name?" I say jumping up and down. The other guys come over excited too.
"Disney Dream..." He says. I scream and run out the house running up and down the beach.
"IM GOING ON ONE OF THOSE! IM GOING ON A DISNEY CRUISE! DID YOU HEAR ME? IM GOING ON A CRUISE WITH ONE DIRECTION!!!" I ran so far that I'm at a public beach area. People are staring at me wondering what the heck i'm doing.
"Whoops..." I say hiding my laugh. I run back jumping into Louis arms. I was so exited.
"Wow!" Liam says. My face is still glowing. I am so exited for tonight!
"Well lets get packing boys... and girl!" Zayn says almost as excited as me.
"How many nights we on it?!" I yell sitting on the ground in my room.
"FOUR!!!" Harry yells. I giggle and start throwing in clothes. I packed they where so cute I had too! Then I threw my suitcase down the stairs following behind it. I waited for like... ever! Then the guys finally came down. I was jumping crazily. We got in the van and drove away.
A/N Sorry, I just had to add the Disney Dream! I just got back from it! It was the best 4 days of my freaking life! Oh and I dont know if the link works or not... but they are 4 bikinis if you can't view. lol ~E
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