Its True Love

A 17 year old girl named Selena moves to london to get away from love, but will Niall Horan from One Direction change her mind. Read this sstory to find out will they be friends..or more than friends.


8. Work Issue

         Selenas P.O.V.

I wondered to myself what happened I mean since Im a fashion designer what could be wrong. Did one of my dresses not fit?n Am I getting a promotion? Am I going to be fired? I hoped that wasnt the case but who knows. All these questions were in my head and I almost missed the building but I didint. Luckily. I rushed inside to see all of the clothes I made on the ground and ruined. I got a little teary eyed and rushed to my boss's room. I didnt even realise a tear rolled down my cheek "What happened to all of the clothes I made?!" "Selena Sitt down        I called because I tripped on your clothes with cofee in my hand." Sure he tripped I knew he didnt like me and i didnt like him. "Well I realised that your clothes are terrible." He handed me my paycheck even though I shouldnt have gotten it today. "Here is your last paycheck from me Selena youre fired." "What why?'' I knew why he was jealous that I was going to become more sucsesful than him in life. "Goodbye Selena that is all." I started crying and ran out of the building. I texted Niall saying i was just going to go home. (Text) -- Hey babe Im just going to go home Im tired you can stop by if you want but you dont have to Love you

I got a reply almmost instantly --Ok is everything alright i will come by soon -- Yah its fine just an issue.

i started crying when reality came back to me. When I got home I let the burning water from the shower hit me and started crying again. When I got out I put on a tank top and sweats. Niall was here already I gave him the spare key to my house just incase he needed me at some point during the day. He was sitting on the couch watching the telly "hey babe when did you get here?" i asked curiously. "Umm 5 minutes ago so what happened at work?" Oh no i ot teary eyed again and he came up and bear hugged me. "Well when I got there the clothes I had made were ruined and io was fired." "Aww baby its ok things will be better I promise." I calmed down a little."Hey by the way me and the boys are going clubbing tonight do you want to come." "Um as tempting as that sounds no thanks but you have fun ok." "OK.'' 

Couple hours later

"Well Niall you have fun ok and I will see you later alright." "Ok i will see you later." He kissed me goodbye and left.

            ~~~~AUTHORS NOTE

HI again Im sorry I havent updated,. I did 2 chapters today though and I will do a really big chapter tomorrow so be prepared. Remember like fave become a fan and comment youre all PHENOMINIALL I love you

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