Its True Love

A 17 year old girl named Selena moves to london to get away from love, but will Niall Horan from One Direction change her mind. Read this sstory to find out will they be friends..or more than friends.


12. Wake Up!!!!

                Nialls P.O.V.

I have been here for 2 weeks waiting for the day she wakes up. This morning when I woke up I had a strange feeling I dont know why but I did. It almost felt like her hand twitched. I looked at her and she still lie there so still. I teared up knowing my princess wasnt awake. It tore my heart how a fan could have done this to my poor Selena. I will never let go of her hand until shes awake. Again I felt her hand twitch again this time I knew  I wasnt dreaming now."DOCTOR NURSE SOMEONE!!!!!!" They came just as she was awaking. I was so happy once the doctor and nurses left I hugged her so tight and started kissing her forehead . ''I missed you so much Selena." "What how long have I been out?" "Umm for about 2 weeks what is the last thing you remember?" She thought for a bit "Well I remember waving at fans then when I turned around I fell and couldnt get up. Can you tell me what happened?"." "Umm well when I was in the shower I heard a thump then when I came out you were lying on the ground and glass was everywhere. And I have waited 2 weeks for you to awake and I never left you because I was afraid you would wake up without you and now we can go home!!" She got excited when I said go home. A couple hours later they wheeled her out to the car. The drive home was filled with music and talking. She texted the boys on my phone and were pulling a trick on them so theyre on there way over. They were all there I had Selena hide in the back. We were doing a scavenger hunt with them. "Ok the rules are no searching anywheree only if its on your sheet you can go there. You can pair up and the winner gets a big surprise." Liam spoke up "UM Niall mate why arent you with Selena." "Well the doctors are doing something and told me to leave. OK AND GO." They were off searching everywhere.

           Selenas P.O.V.

I know I have been asleep for two weeks but I feel very drowsy. Hey dont judge! You would be too if you had to wait hours for the lads to find you. I layed down on an old couch I found and slowly drifted pff. I heard the door open then I saw a shocked looking Harry and Louis. "WHAT?! HOW?! WHEN?!" they screamed simultaniously. "Well Im here I got better and I got here just before you guys." A huge smile spread across their faces as they squished me in a hug. Then Liam Zayn and Niall came. Liam and Zayn joined the hug "Ahh I see you found your surprise. They didnt budge and kept hugging. When they finally let go we walked inside to watch a movie and eat popcorn Liam chose the movie and he chose Toy Story of course. When the movie ended the boys left and we went to bed.

Hey sorry I didnt update in forever but how did you like it. Hopefully you liked it. Todays song is... BELLY ROLL please (From Pitch Perfect if you didnt know) Viva La Vida by Coldplay. btw AWESOME song!!!

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