Its True Love

A 17 year old girl named Selena moves to london to get away from love, but will Niall Horan from One Direction change her mind. Read this sstory to find out will they be friends..or more than friends.


9. The Club

        Nialls P.O.V.

We were here and I wanted to stay as sober as possible but it could be hard. We sat down at a table in the back and Zayn went to go get some drinks. I got a beer and we started to go dance. This pretty girl kept staring at me and danced her way towards me, but i went farther because I love Selena and i dont want to make a stupid mistake and she leaves me. This girl wouldnt leave me alone once I hit a corner she came up and put her arms around me. "hey there sexy want to come dance with me." She started giving me puppy eyes. "Listen Im sorry but I have a girlfriend who I love and she Loves me. 'Then why isnt she here? And if you dance with me I will let you take advantage of me." "You shouldnt let people take advantage of you and I will dance with you just as friends NOTHING more ok?" Her eyes lit up "Deal" She pulled me to the dance floor and handed me a drink. "What is this I asked." "Coke with some alchohol but not a lot so try it." When I tried it I instantly lost control and my drunk side kicked in way to much. "How do you feel. Drunk?" I nodded then she started grinding on me. It felt nice but when Liam saw me he instantly pulled me away. Then I got a lecture "Dude what the hell are you doing you have a girlfriend whom you love." "Dude this chick loves me and gave me a drink." "Are you drunk. We gotta get you home." "Ok but let me say bye she is watching. I walked away and I guess she knew I had to leave because she said bye and kissed me. Hopefully no paparazzi saw. "I said I have a girlfriend!!!"  Liam drove me home afterwards.

              Selenas P.O.V.

Niall should be home soon (I forgot to mention we moved in together) while I waited I checked twitter. First thing that popped up was a link to a picture I was tagged in I read the comments ---OH what is Selena going to say___1dismylife126  ---Niall might be in deep shiz __ Futuremrspayne. What? I checked the link which was a huge mistake. It was... Niall kissing another girl!!! Liam rang the door bell. With Niall. "Hey babe I missed you." "Kissing another girl is the best way to show it." "Babe dont be ma..." Mad I may sound totally cliche but youre sleeping on the couch now go grab your clothes."  Liam interrupted "Umm Im going to go I will see you guys later. "Bye Liam." Niall grabbed his stuff and I stormed to the room "Can we talk?" "I dont want to hear it right now goodnight." "Love you Selena.'' I wasnt sure what to say so I went to sleep. Im going to dread waking up tomorrow morning because then he will want to talk about it. I ended up crying myself to sleep. ~~~~~~Selenas Dream

I was outside when Niall came out and said he was leaving me forever. I said "No I cant live without you'' I started sobbing loudly. "Well then I guess theres no reason for you to live then" He smirked running towards me with a knife I Screamed as he stabbed me in my stomach. "NIALL STOP IT HURTS YOURE KILLING ME PLEASE YOU DONT HAVE TO DO THIS DONT LEAVE." End of dream~~~ Niall woke me up "babe are you ok you started screaming that I was killing you I wouldnt do that I love you." "im sorry I love you to I dont like fighting." I cried in his arms as I dozed off into sleep.

~~~~Authors Note

Sorry I havent updated Things have happened Ive been very busy, but how do you like it. At each Authors note Im going to put a song you should listen to because theyre good songs. Well I hope you like it. Remember Like Fave Comment and become a fan. another chapter will come again tomorrow!! Bye  love yah

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