Its True Love

A 17 year old girl named Selena moves to london to get away from love, but will Niall Horan from One Direction change her mind. Read this sstory to find out will they be friends..or more than friends.


7. Meeting The Boys

          **1 Week later

         Selenas P.O.V.

Today was the day I get to meet the rest of the boys. I was a little nervous but Niall kept telling me that they will love  me. I hope he is right Im not always the best at making new friends. I find it really hard to trust new people and bring them in my life. I know I did this with Niall but its almost like there was something different about him. Im still not sure what it was but there definetely was. I was ready I had my hair wavy I was wearing a white dress with brown leather heels and I had my daily makeup on ( mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, little blush, and some lipgloss). I was ready to go as Niall was opening the door to leave. Even though I was ready i still felt not ready. I got a text and when I looked at it it was from a blocked number 'Stay away from Niall hes mine.' The message didnt scare me it was just an angry fan but how did they get my number. "Babe were heere are you ready," it was time to finally meet them "yah Im ready."

           Nialls P.O.V.

She looked a little tense, so when we got to the door I wrapped my arm around her waist hopefully to calm her down and to top it off I whispered "Youre so beautiful," into her ear and she started giggling and blushing. When I rang the door bell Liam came to answer the door. This is it she can meet them and hopefully like them.

           Selenas P.O.V.

I was finally meeting Liam " Hello love im Liam also known as daddy direction," "Hello Im Selena also known as Selena," Wow that was so stupid. Then when we walked inside there were three boys trying to squeeze into a two seeter couch. I giggled as they all stood up and introduced themselves. "Hello Im Zayn Niall talks about you nonstop." I giigled looking at Niall while he blushed a little. It was cute. "Hello I am Louis the Tommo Tomlinson its a pleasure meeting you." "Hello Im Selena Andrea Ramirez its great to finally meet you." I giggled a little. "Hello Selena Im Harry." "Hi Its nice meeting you." Niall started speaking and i knew exactly what he was going to say "So do you have any lunch prepared?" Liam pointed to the kitchen and said "Knowing you of course I do. I got a text from my manager saying that I had to go in to work now and that it was an emergency. I went to Niall "Hey babe it was great meeting them, but i have to go into work do you think I could borrow your car please.' "yah just let me tell the boys.. hey guys Selena has to go to work." I kissed him on the cheek and told the boys bye.


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