Its True Love

A 17 year old girl named Selena moves to london to get away from love, but will Niall Horan from One Direction change her mind. Read this sstory to find out will they be friends..or more than friends.


6. Breakfast and Talking

           Selenas P.O.V.

As we were eating breakfast I thought of asking Niall to come to the funeral with me. Well would that be pushy since we have really only been a couple for about 15 minutes. Well I guess not I shall go for it in hope he says yes "Niall, I have to ask you something." Yah babe anything," "Well I was wondering if you would want to come to the funeral with me," "well of course I will go, but does this mean Im going to meet your parents," Well one set of parents and my older sisters one little sister and my 2 younger brothers," I said nervously incase he doesnt like big families. "Wow I would love to meet them when is the funeral." "Its in two weeks and Im glad you want to meet them I was afraid that you would think its to big of a family and plus there is still my other parents and my 2 step brothers. But they dont live near here." "IT will be fine Im sure theyre nice. I hope." I giggled at his ;ittle comment and finished my waffles.

          Nialls P.O.V.

I thought to myself yah she has a big family but shes worth it she is absolutely perfect for me. When we were done again I was thinking she said who her family has her other boyfriends not liked them. Well that got me thinking 'how many boyfriends has she had.' "Hey Selena I was just wondering how many boyfriends have you had?" I cant believe I just asked her that. She stopped dead in her tracks "Well when I was 8 I had an imaginary boyfriend named Micheal and when I was 15 I had a boyfriend named Kyle who was a big mistake and dumped me after the third day of being my boyfriend." "Oh Im sorry to have asked that, but let me promise you something I will Never leave you like that idiot did I promise." "My mom always said to never make a promise you cant keep and plus you cant tell the future." What is she saying I wouldnt leave her, "Well I am not lying why would I want to leave someone as perfect as you." She blushed and ran into my arms saying "I love you so much."


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