Cupcake smiles, confrontations, and kisses (1D)

18 year old Valentine was born on Valetine's Day, and was born to look like an angle. She lives in Ireland, and moves to Wolverhampton. She wanted to start new after her last bad birthday. Her parents were shot right in front of her last year on her birthday. So now she is moving in with a British boy, and his friends. She is weirdly enough a love master, and can make any two people fall for each other with in a snap of her fingers. But does the killer come back to finish the undone work. It will be hard to hit a moving target won't it? Does she fall for one of the boys, and will they figure out her secret?


1. The secret.

Valentine's POV

Who ever it was shot my parents right in front of me. I look over to my mom, and grab the gun out of her hand. The bullets were shaped like hearts. I grabbed my fathers knife. I slip them in  one of my bags, and head to the air port. The day before I signed up to move in with 5 boys in Wolverhampton. I board the plane, ands it down next to another Irish person. "Hi my name is Niall." he said sticking his hand out towards me. I smile, and shake it. "I am Valentine." I say swhile smiling at him. "Where are you heade to in Wolver hampton?" he asks smiling at me. "I am moving in to an apartment with some boys named Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry, and that other boys name." "That would be me." he said laughing. Oh no we are both living together. Well atleast I made a new friend.

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