Anything But Boring

‘See u on VDay :)’
I didn’t understand at first. “Wait what?” I asked. Lydia scoffed.
“Do I have to spell it out for you too??” She walked over to the small dry erase board on the wall and wrote in her neat little letters ‘Harmony+Niall=Valentine’s Day Date,’ then turned back around, looking at me. My eyes widened.

Harmony Olivia Bennett is just an ordinary 18 year old girl.
She never imagined that she would get a chance like this.
A chance with Niall.
She just wasn't the type.
She was boring.

(One Direction VDay One-Shot. Please don't be a silent reader. Like or comment, or even favorite if you want. Thanks:])


1. Harmony

I was sitting at my desk, staring at the laptop screen that my eyes had been fixed on for a long time now. “Hm,” I said to myself. I had been sitting at my computer for the longest time, trying to figure out how to answer this one, simple question that I couldn’t seem to get right. I stared at the screen, before typing two sentences.
‘I think I deserve to spend Valentines Day with one of the members of One Direction, because I have been with them through thick and thin. This fandom can be quite crazy...'
I deleted it. “Stupid,” I said to myself, making the pen that I was holding in my mouth fall out. “Oops.” I picked it up and continued to look at the screen. Today was the last day to enter. “Well what the--?” For the life of me, I could not answer this fairly simple question. Finally, I got an idea.
‘Ever since I was a little girl, I always would watch American Idol, and want, and wish that I could be big one day. I wanted to sing for the rest of my life. I noticed, though, that most of the show’s winners didn’t go on for very long. They were just traces in the sand that would eventually be washed away by the tide. One Direction for the X Factor, was different though. They made it. They will forever be an influence on my life and everything I do. They are a few of the people that make me want to pursue my dream of being a singer further than anyone thinks is possible with all the obstacles that must be overcome to do so. Getting to spend any day with One Direction... any of them... would just be phenomenal.’
I continued writing until I thought I had it. Whatever “it” was. I was pretty sure I had it. They would like it. I typed my personal information in the small boxes and checked all the necessary things and then came to a personality questionnaire, which I answered as truthfully as possible. I finished it and looked back over my work. I nodded and pressed the send button, closing the screen of my laptop and sighing. I was dressed- or rather, wearing- a pair of black leggings with a long tee shirt that I had worn to bed. I had my curly brunette hair in a black elastic, which was beginning to loosen and pull on my head. I took it out and went downstairs for breakfast.
My dad was at work and my step mom was sitting at the table, reading. I made myself a bowl of cereal and took it upstairs to my bedroom and sat back at my desk, anxious to know if they would actually read it. I sat back at my desk, opening my laptop and pulling up twitter, looking over my notifications. I yawned, as I hadn’t had much more than four hours of sleep the night previous. I sighed, deciding that I would have to be patient and wait for a long while before anything would happen. I finished my cereal, taking the bowl downstairs and putting it in the sink before walking back up and plopping onto my bed. I sat in bed, thinking of what it would be like if I actually won the contest, though I knew I wouldn’t. There’s always someone better. It doesn’t matter what your entry is like. Someone’s is better. I sighed again, laying back, and falling asleep rather quickly.
I slept for a whole six hours, finally waking up again when my best friend walked/hopped/skipped into my bedroom, fangirling like nothing else.
“Oh. My. God,” She mused to herself upon seeing me.
“What?” I said, looking down and taking in my haggard appearance.
“How are you not flipping over this?!” She held up her phone. I squinted slightly, not being able to see what she was holding up on her phone.
“What is it Lydia?!” I asked her. She opened her mouth until it was gaping and I was sure it was impossible to have it open any further. “What?!”
“You haven’t seen yet?! Oh my God Hailey! Check your twitter once in awhile!” She showed me her phone screen once again, closer, which displayed a tweet from Niall Horan to me.
‘See u on VDay :)’
I didn’t understand at first. “Wait what?” I asked. Lydia scoffed.
“Do I have to spell it out for you too??” She walked over to the small dry erase board on the wall and wrote in her neat little letters ‘Harmony+Niall=Valentine’s Day Date,’ then turned back around, looking at me. My eyes widened.
“No.. wait... that can NOT be right. I just sent that this morning.” I jumped out of bed and went to my laptop, pulling up my email, trying to sort through all of the junk. When I finally found it, titled ‘Congratulations! -1D,’ I stared at the screen and my jaw dropped.
“Well? What are you waiting for?” Lydia asked, “Open it! Hurry up!” I opened the message, seeing a letter-form email, saying that I had won the contest, and that Niall had asked for me after one of the managers referred the boys to my “application”, saying that it was a winner to begin with and the boys decided I would be best suited to Niall, the Irish blondie of whom I loved.
I smiled as I finished reading the email and took my hair down, running my fingers through the cascading chocolate curls that ran down to about the middle of my back.
“Earth to Harmony... come in Harmony,” Lydia said, and I looked up, smiling. “We have so much to do,” she said. My smile faded slightly, and she beamed. “Makeover!” she said excitedly.
“Lydia, I don’t really think that’s necessary... we can just-” she cut me off.
“No. Now lets go. My treat.” She grabbed my hand and dragged me outside in all my yoga-pants and oversized tee-shirt glory. I groaned as we got into her car.
“Lydia whyyyy?” I whined slightly. She laughed.
“This guy is a celebrity Harmony. You can’t go like... this! I simply won’t let you. Now. Valentines day is only a week away. We’re going to get you a haircut, a mani pedi, aaaand...” She paused for a moment. “An amazing outfit. Classy, sexy, hot. You’re going to look amazing. Let project Harmoniall begin.” Lydia smirked.
I shook my head, wiping my hand over my face before speaking, “Lydia, he’s just a normal guy... I honestly don’t think he needs much more impressing than any of the guys we know-”
“This is where we become completely different people. You poor naive Harmony you,” she said. I sighed. “Niall can have just about anyone he wants. You have to show him that you’re worth being the only one for him,” she smiled, pulling into a parking place at the mall. I groaned. “Harmony, you need to look fantastic for this. I know we can do it. You and I. So lets go.”
We stepped out into the parking lot, walking up and into the mall. “Lydia, you don’t think I know that he can have anyone? Do you have any idea how nervous this is all making me? If he wanted just any pretty face off the street then why does he not have one? He wants a girl with depth. That’s what I have on my side Lydia!” I huffed.
Lydia scoffed. “Harmony, you know very well that depth isn’t all someone like Niall is looking for. You need to look amazing. We’re not trying to make him like you! We’re trying to make him want to make you a part of his life! C’mon Harmony! You need to make an effort! I know you normally don’t care about what you look like, but please, please let me do this for you. Please?” She begged.
“Fine. But this doesn’t mean you’ve won,” I said. She squealed with joy and excitement.
“Of course not!” She hugged me and jumped up and down and I laughed.
“Yeah yeah yeah,” I said, “So lets get to it. The email said it would be a semi-formal dinner date, so-”
“A DRESS!” Lydia squealed, “You HAVE to wear a dress. You simply have to.” She pulled me by the hand into a department store and we looked around for awhile, not finding anything of real interest, but then I saw it. It was perfect. A deep, dark maroon skater dress that was about down to the thigh. It had a blet lace type of fabric covering the shoulders, top of chest, and arms, as well as a lot of the back. The lace was over top of the main dress material as well. I smiled and looked at Lydia.
“That’s the one.” She beamed and nodded at me.
“I know.” she said, smiling. I tried it on, and Lydia found a thin black belt to go around my waist. She allowed me to use my maroon converse to go along with it and found me a long gold necklace that had a pocket watch at the end of it, and heart stud earrings. I looked at myself in the mirror after finding everything. Perfect. I was extremely excited. I hugged Lydia.
“Thank you.” I whispered. We checked out and went to a salon to get our hair cut and our nails done. Luckily they did both there. I got mine trimmed and layered, and my side bangs cut shorter, and she got hers trimmed. I had my hair low-lighted with some darker brown streaks. Perfect. I got french tip nails done and my toes got painted maroon with cute little black designs on them. I smiled, silently thanking Lydia over and over.
When we got back to my house, Lydia smiled and told me she would be here tomorrow to tell me goodbye before I left Colorado for New York, where we were having the date. All the airfare was paid for already and getting to the airport was the only thing. I knew I could handle that. The worst thing that could happen was...

“No.” my dad said firmly. “Absolutely not. You aren’t going out to New York to meet some guy from a british boy band. End of discussion.” He picked up his plate from dinner and went to the sink, putting it in and rinsing it before placing it in the dishwasher.
“Dad! Please!? I can’t just not go! I mean! I’m eighteen! Can’t I make my own decisions?” Dad looked at me sternly.
“No Harmony. You live in my house, you will respect boundaries that are set, and that is final.”
I stomped to my room, slamming the door and cried. I DM’ed Niall, not expecting him to reply whatsoever.
‘My dad wont let me come.’ I typed. He DM’ed me back within seconds.
‘Why not?’ He asked.
‘I dunno. He doesn't like the New York thing.’ I replied.
He sent a frowny-face emoticon, and then said ‘Where do you live again?’
‘Colorado’ I typed.
‘Guess I’ll meet you there then?’ he replied.
I was suddenly filled with joy. ‘Really?’ I typed.
‘Really.’ He replied quickly. ‘Just give me your address and I’ll be there at 6 to pick you up for dinner’ I smiled widely.
‘Okay! I’ll be anxiously awaiting your arrival:)’ I could hear him chuckling in my mind and I smiled.
‘Alright, see you then. :)’ I beamed to myself. He actually was INTERESTED in me. ME! OF ALL PEOPLE!
He was coming to Colorado! I was so excited. I brushed my teeth and went to bed early to be well rested for Valentines Day. I knew that I wouldn't be able to sleep well anyway. I was much too excited. But it was worth a shot.

I finally fell asleep around 6 a.m., getting about six hours of sleep before Lydia woke me up, throwing her bag on my bed and saying "Get up! Come on! We have to get you lunch and go get your hair done and dress you still! We’ll be lucky if we have a couple of hours to get you ready after that...” she sighed. “I’m so jealous Harmony. You’re gonna lure him in like nothing. I just wish that was me.” she smiled sheepishly and said, “Anywho, lets do this.”
She took me to some salon where they did my hair in some kind of elaborate twisty, braided updo, and put a black rose pin in it. Then they did my makeup. Mostly dark, ‘to accentuate my pretty green eyes.’ First of all, what does that even mean? Second, my eyes are hazel... but whatever they did it worked. My eyes looked amazing. They were perfect. The shades went amazingly with my olive complexion, which was surprisingly looking pretty clear today. I sent a little prayer of thanks and we went back to my house to finish getting ready. It was only 3, but Lydia was freaking out. I got a text from an unknown number, and I opened it to find that it was actually Niall.
‘Hey Harmony. Really excited for tonight. Plans are changed and I have something special planned. See you in a few hours . -Niall’
I smiled as I read the text and I could see Lydia smirking at me from my peripheral vision. I rolled my eyes and looked up at her, still smirking. “Niall?” she asked. I blushed and nodded. “Already,” she smiled. “I have a feeling that this will be a perfect relationship Harmony. You and Niall are just going to be... perfect.” she beamed, but I could tell my getting someone was bugging her. We’d always been single together... there was never a time when it was like this. I sighed and then she said, “C’mon. Let’s get you dressed.”
She got me all the accessories we bought and then my colorful braid bracelets too. I got dressed and when I put my converse on, she laughed a little. “That’s cute,” I smiled goofily and she snapped forward to my closet, rummaging through it for a while before coming out with a black cross-body type bag and switching out the things in my purse to go there.
“Uhhh...?” I said rather intelligently.
“Don’t worry. This just goes better. We can switch everything back later.” She then placed the black cross-body bag over my head. It was 5:45 p.m. The doorbell rang. To my dismay, when I ran downstairs, my dad was standing in front of Niall, who was in a customary black suit and tie combo. I smiled upon seeing him and he beamed when he saw me standing at the bottom of the staircase in all of my red-and-black valentines day, newly made up glory. My dad looked back up to me.
“Absolutely not,” he said.
“Dad, please.” I pleaded. That was when Lydia walked down the stairs, coming to stand beside me.
“Harmony Olivia. I will not have you out with some guy you don’t even know!” he said. “Why don’t you go out with that boy from school that your stepmother likes so much? Rory or Rodney or-”
“Dad please? I won’t do anything I promise. What have I ever done to make you distrust me like this?” I asked. Dad shook his head, and finally, Niall spoke, his Irish accent making me shiver slightly. Lydia put a hand on my shoulder and smiled at me.
“Sir, may I just speak to you for a moment outside?” Niall motioned out and my dad agreed to follow him out and speak to him, and I spun around to Lydia, who could obviously see the worry on my face.
“Harmony, breathe,” she said. “It’ll all be fine. Your dad has to let you go.”
“But what if he doesn’t Lyd?! What if Niall can’t convince him of anything? What if he doesn’t let me?”
“Then you’ll go anyway. There is no way you are gonna miss this. Its Niall freaking Horan we’re talking about. Are you kidding me? Niall. Freaking. Horan. We’re not gonna let your dad take that from you,” she said. Just then dad and Niall walked back in, and he walked over to me, taking a deep red rose from behind his back and handing it to me.
“Hi Harmony,” he said. The way my name rang in his voice was just perfect.
“Hi Niall,” I said quietly, and he chuckled softly, offering me his arm so I could loop mine through it. He then looked at Lydia.
“Do you want to come too?” he asked, “Actually, Harry is waiting in the car. If you wanted to go with him. His date cancelled. She wasn’t very nice... he’s not dressed up or anything, but we were just gonna take him somewhere before we went.”
Lydia beamed. “Okay,” she said. and we all walked to the car. Which wasn’t a car. It was indeed a stretch limo. I gasped when I saw it and Niall chuckled lightly.
“Home by midnight.” Dad grumbled.
“Will do sir. Thank you so much.” Niall smiled warmly at my dad and we hopped into the Limo. Inside was Harry, playing on his phone. “We brought you a girl Harry,” Niall said. Harry’s head shot up to look at me and then at Lydia, who was wearing a pair of vintage jeans and a nice, white, loose-looking shirt -tucked in on one side- under a jean jacket. She had many long necklaces around her neck and bracelets and rings on her arms and fingers. She was wearing black combat boots too. Her makeup was perfect, but minimal. The basic gloss, blush, liner, mascara look. She rocked it. Her blonde hair was down in waves that she had created by keeping braids in over night.
Harry, was dressed much the same. Jeans, tee, curly hair freely flowing the way it usually was. Then he was wearing a hoodie. A black one. I really didn’t  recognize it from anywhere, so it might’ve been new or something. Harry looked at Lydia for a moment before shaking his head and apologizing. He patted the seat next to him for her to sit, and Niall motioned for me to take my seat first and then he sat down, closing the limo door before we drove off.

We dropped Lydia and Harry off at a coffee shop before heading to our destination. It was some high-class restaurant that I hadn’t been to before. He rented out the entire restaurant. I was so surprised. I smiled at him as we took our seats. We ordered the same thing on the menu then shared a dessert. I ate nearly as much as him. That seemed to amuse him a little, and he teased me a tiny bit. I laughed a little too loud, but I tried to be nonchalant as possible about it and he didn’t seem to notice.
“So Harmony, are you a fan? Or how did you get to know about this contest?” Niall asked.
“Oh! I’m a fan,” I said “But not a weird fan... I just like you guys a lot.” I smiled at him and he smiled back.
“You know, I don’t mean to come off weirdly at all but you are beautiful.” he smiled crookedly and me and I blushed, and he chuckled as he had done before. “Do you want to go for a walk since we’re done here?” he asked.
“I would love to,” I said, and he smiled at me. He paid for us and grabbed my hand. We put our coats back on and he half dragged me outside. He looked at me and smiled once we were outside. It was 8 and the sky was almost dark. He locked eyes with me and stayed like that, gazing into me. It made me nervous, but his blue depths were too gorgeous to look away.
There, in front of the restaurant, he kissed me. My first kiss. I would never admit that it was my first, but I’m sure he could tell. His lips were soft and warm and he was gentle, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me closer as I put mine around his neck. He pulled back, smiling at me. I put my fingers up to my lips and brushed over them. He then motioned, putting his hands in his pockets as we walked along and talked about everything and nothing all at once. We went to a park and sat on a bench in the February night chill.
“So, Harmony? Can I admit something to you?” Niall asked.
“Definitely,” I said.
“Well, your application was pretty late... just two days ago... and I was the only one who hadn’t picked someone by then. All those girls letters seemed vain... like they only wanted to go with me to make them popular or famous. But yours was different. I knew instantly that you were who I would pick.”
“Oh.” I smiled, blushing and looking down. He tipped my chin up and spoke once again.
“Management almost didn’t let me. They said you weren’t... unique enough. You weren’t outgoing enough or flawless enough. I had to beg them to let me pick you. And then I had to beg them to let me come here to Colorado for you. I had to tell them where all we were going and what we would be doing and it was a really tedious process. But you know what Harmony?”
“What Niall?” I asked in a hushed tone.
“I would do it all over again for you if I had to. I’m glad that it was you that I went with tonight and not some stuck up girl.” He smiled at me.
“Niall, why would you go to all that trouble for me? I’m nothing extraordinary. I’m just a boring 18 year old girl. That’s all.”
“Harmony, you are anything but boring. I can tell just by your application that fact. You are an amazing person. Someone just needs to show you.” He stood and offered me his hand, walking us back to the limo parked at the restaurant waiting for us. He had the guy pop the trunk and took out a guitar, sitting on the curb and motioning for me to do the same, and he played for me. I leaned against his shoulder and he sang softly and I nearly fell asleep there.
When he was finished, he stood and offered a hand to help me up and we got back in the limo, going to the coffee shop and picking up Harry and Lydia. It was 11:30 pm when we dropped Lydia off at her house and went toward mine. I got out of the car and Niall led me to the front step. We had 15 minutes before we had to part. He looked me in the eyes and kissed me again, being a little less gentle than before. He was desperate to get every ounce of me that he could have before we left each other. He gripped my waist before pulling away.
“I don’t want this to be goodbye,” he said breathlessly.
“Then it won’t be,” I whispered, pressing my lips to his once more before pulling away.
“We’ll see each other again Harmony. I promise you. I’ll make it happen. I’ll see you again,” he said.
“Then I guess this is see you later?” I said. He kissed me one final time before pulling away from me fully.
“See you later,” he said. “I’ll call you Harmony.”
“I’ll be looking forward to it,” I said. I smiled and he smiled in return, turning back and going to the car. I went in and closed the door behind me, pressing my back against the door once it was closed.
“Woah,” I whispered to myself. His was definitely call I was going to look forward to.

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