Cathryn's Valentines Smalentines - How 1D Changed her 1Day

Cathryn has found herself in a rut. Its almost Valentines Day and she can't help but to be miserable since her boyfriend of 11 months left her for the flighty new cheerleader. Everywhere she looks she sees love and romance (and it doesn't help that she works at a chocolate shoppe). Everything seems to be going wrong until one guy makes it right.


1. What goes around comes around

It's Friday night and the day before Valentine's day. My status - mopey.

"Cathryn you've really gotta pull yourself together.  He's not worth your time to even think about! He's a sleaze!" Lizzie tells me on the phone. 

That's easy for you to say Lizzie.  Lizzie's been my best friend for years, but with Lizzie comes a Lizzie's boy toys.  In all the years that I've known her I've never seen her without a boyfriend.  It kinda makes me want to gag.  

"But we were together for 11 months! Thats my longest relationship! And not only that it was going to be our one year tomorrow, Valentine's day. How can I not think of that?" I bitterly shot back.

"Just be thankful you picked up that extra shift at work. That'll help you get your mind off things.  Besides it saves you the money you would have spent on Josh for Valentine's day.  I spent at least $120 on Andrew's gift. I mean its fun to go out and stuff but what a pain," Lizzie said trying to be comforting.  It wasn't working.  

"I feel like work will be absolutely miserable.  I mean first off it's a Saturday and I'm working eight hours; second off it's Valentine's Day; and last but not least I work at the most popular chocolate shoppe in the Twin Cities!" By this point I'm more mad than mopey.  Mad that Josh left me to be with some new bimbo cheerleader, mad because Valentine's Day used to be my favorite holiday, and mad just because I feel like having a pity party right now.  

"Look hun, I know that's a bummer and all but you'll have to get over it sooner or later.  Anyways, I've got to go.  Andrew wanted me to call him before I go to bed. He's so cute like that."  And with that we hung up.  Ugh... some people just have everything right.  I moped around for a little bit longer before I feel asleep.  I was just bracing myself for what to come that next day.


Just as I figured work at Lulu's Chocolate Shoppe was busier than ever.  I saw so many guys coming in last minute to get their girlfriend or significant other little cheap gifts, chocolates, and cards that say "I love you but you were the last thing on my mind so here's this card".  I just rolled my eyes most the night.  It was pretty cold outside and really snowy by 5:00 so less people started to trickle in as more snow started to pile up. I could feel the loneliness and hurt start to sink in.  I did my best to distract myself when I heard the little bell on the store door ring. I assumed it was just another guy looking for a last minute something so I didn't bother to greet them. I didn't want to look at anyone at this point.  

"Excuse me Miss," it was a boy with an accent.  It threw me off so I turned around and looked up.  "Can you help me find some chocolates? I heard this store is famous in this area. Do you think you could help me?" He looked strangely familiar and super cute.

"Uhh yeah, yeah I can do that," I said with a dumbfounded look on my face.  I was trying to place who he was without being rude. "What are you looking for? Something for your girlfriend?" This is me being snoopy without looking like it.

"Hahaha oh no. I just want to pick up something for my mates. Our plane was delayed because of the snow so we got a hotel just up the street from here.  The lady at the front desk said this place is something worth checking out."  My inner mind just wanted to say back, "you're worth checking out." Bad Cathryn, bad, bad. Contain yourself.

"Oh, is that so? What kind of chocolates do you think they'd be into? We've got a ton, and just let me know if you want to sample any."

"Ok cool," He said and smiled big at me. I melted. 

We talked and I showed him chocolates.  He was the only costumer in the store so it felt like it was just me and him and the whole store to ourselves.  It was a Valentine's Day miracle! 

"I don't mean to be rude," I started, "It's just that you look super familiar to me, have we met before?"

The stranger just smiled at me but before he could talk my nightmare became reality.  Josh and his new bimbo girlfriend walked in the door all lovey-dovey and gushy-mushy.  My heart sank to my gut.  

"Oh Joshy I love you! You are so amazing, I love the new perfume you got me. And the necklace. Oh and dinner.  Everything was sooooo romantic." She was glancing between me and Josh with the most malicious grin.  The tension was so thick that I could tell that even my new friend had noticed something was up.  

"Anything for you Angie," he made me sick, "now time for some of your favorite chocolates."

They began to approach the front of the store where I was standing with Mr. Adorable.  Everything was going right! Why this? This disaster! Then all of a sudden bimbo Angie's eyes grew so wide they almost fell out of her head.

"Harry?! Harry Styles?! As in One Direction's Harry Styles?!" I froze as Angie spoke.

"Haha yup, that's me." He said so politely but still a little reserved.

"Oh my gosh! Harry! I am, like, so in love with you! Can I get a picture with you? I am, like, your biggest fan. Like, you don't even know." Angie dropped Josh's arm in a heartbeat and clung to Harry. My head was rushing, too many thoughts were going through my brain.  Then Josh approached us.

"Nice girlfriend you've got here," I said sarcastically. Josh frowned.

"Hey Angie I thought we were gonna spend time together, I didn't buy you all that stuff for nothing," Josh sounded like a real jerk.  For the first time I was actually glad that we weren't together anymore.

"Well babe, you're no British pop star are you." She say to him and then turned to Harry, "So Harry what do you say? What should we do together tonight?" And she added a little wink. Ugh, disgusting.

"Well actually I was going to ask this pretty girl over here what time she gets off and then she if she wants to come with me, get something to eat, and then meet the rest of the gang," Harry smiled as he looked over at me. I was in complete shock and disbelief. Even Josh and Angie were shocked.

"What? You want to go out with Cathryn? Josh left her for me, you should be asking me!" Angie's ugly true colors were showing in front of Josh.  She didn't want him. She just wants what others have.

"Oh really? Well that was his loss then wasn't it. She's a really cool girl and I want to get to know her a little more. Maybe it'll give me a reason to come back and visit in the future." I flushed at Harry's words.

"Wow, tha-that'd be, I mean, yeah sure, that sounds really awesome. I'm off at 8:00." I smiled but staying cool was not something I was accomplishing. 

"Cool," he smiled, "I'll be back around 8:00." And with that Harry Styles left my little chocolate shoppe work, with a wave goodbye.

As soon as he was out the door Josh looked at Angie furiously, while she just looked out the door, upset that she didn't leave with Harry.

"What was that all about? You're my girlfriend so why do you have to be all over some random guy?" Josh said.

"Ugh!!! Dang it Josh you just blew my one chance of being with Harry from One Direction! You know what, that is not cool, and I think you should just take me home now because this Valentine's day sucks." Angie stormed out the door leaving Josh with blank stares.

"Yup," I smiled, "real winner you got there."

He turned to me and said, "I was so stupid for leaving you, I..." But I interrupted.

"Yes you were, but you did me a favor. You saved me from having to date you.  Now get out of here before your girlfriend drives off with your car." And with that a very upset Josh left my chocolate shoppe.

It took me a few minutes to process what just happened but when it settled I couldn't stop thinking, "Harry Styles wants to take me out on a date, for Valentines Day! I can't believe I didn't recognize him sooner! I was just in such disbelief, I didn't know what to think!" 


It was 8:00, my shift was done and I was in the middle of pulling my jacket on when I heard the little bell on the shoppe door ring.  I turned around and there was Harry Styles, just as he said, but this time he had a bouquet of flowers with him.

"Are you ready for dinner?" he asked with that cute and charming smile of his as he handed me the flowers.

"Yes," I replied back with a goofy grin, "Yes I am". And he took my hand and into the night we went. This was the best Valentine's Day I've ever had.

The End

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