What Will I Do...

Ali is about to travel to London to move with her dad, who is doing a story on one direction. Unfortinatly she doesnt like them as much as her friends Stella and Emily. SHe brought her friends because her dad gave her 2 extra tickets which is awesome! When her dad says she has to go to school with one direction and become a stalker she freaks out! When she meets Liam and he knocks her stuff over their eyes meet. Will they fall in love or will they just ignore it forever?


4. The Date

Today was the day of the date. It would be just Liam and I in a resturant with alot of people i didn't know. While i got up in the morning i had to take a shower and make breakfest for my dad. As always i got up walked around the house sat on the couch then got back up and took a shower. After i took a shower my phone was ringing this time it was singing "Change your life" by Little Mix  such a good song. "Hey Ali you ready for later?" I heard my once in a lifetime date call me. "Yeah but i need to put clothes on first." I told Liam who got really quiet after i told him that. "I guess I called at the wrong moment?" Which he was right about. "Yes now call me when you see my house OK? Bye." I hung up the phone and threw it my bed. Man can today really get any worse. I put on my clothes and looked for my shoes which were in the kitchen. I poured some tea then waited 'til he got there. Then the sudden thump of my phone falling on the floor awoke from my day dream. I quickly picked up the phone,"Hello?" "Well can you open the door i'm getting drentched." Ihad no idea it was raining so i ran to the door hoping he was alright. "Liam come in let me get you a towel stay here" i had told him. I got a towel from my bathroom and gave it to him. 'At least my dad isn't here'I thought to myself. "Thanks for the towel" he told me. "Go sit on the couch i'll go get you some tea" i offered. Since i left him in the now hard down pour of rain. "Do u think it will thunder or lightning?" I was terrified of thunder and lightning. "Maybe but don't worry you got me" he smiled. I smiled back when out of no where the power shut off scaring me. "Ahh" i screamed it sounded like thunder. "Are you ok" he got from the couch to help me up. "Liam hold me please... I'm scared." He just had the same old smirk on his face. "Don't worry i'm here for you."

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