What Will I Do...

Ali is about to travel to London to move with her dad, who is doing a story on one direction. Unfortinatly she doesnt like them as much as her friends Stella and Emily. SHe brought her friends because her dad gave her 2 extra tickets which is awesome! When her dad says she has to go to school with one direction and become a stalker she freaks out! When she meets Liam and he knocks her stuff over their eyes meet. Will they fall in love or will they just ignore it forever?


2. Oop's did I Just...

  The next morning my dad was so excited cause it was the day i had to help him with his project. "Wake up Ali" yelled Emily. "No need to yell" i yelled back and laughed. Once i got up i put on my skinny jeans and my big t-shirt that said property of U.S. Air Force and grabbed my slip on shoes and walked down stairs. I sat down and ate my food got up grabbed my bag and started the car. "You guys almost ready" i said. We all got in the car waved good bye to my dad and left for school. Once we got there we had to go to the office and guess who just happed to be there. I heard squeals and looked up One direction right in front of me. "Super" i said under my breath. I walked up to the office lady she handed me a paper and my first class was history along with Stella and Emily. I was walking to class when. BOOM "AHH!" "Ow my head.." i looked up and saw big eyes just starring at me was Liam Payne right in front of me. "Wow" he said starring at my big hazel eyes. "I mean... I'm so sorry i didn't mean to bump into you like that." "Its ok everyone makes mistakes" i said getting up. "Here you go" "Thanks well thanks" i said and flipped my hair how akward. For the rest of the day i was just trying to hide my blushing face! Man I can't believe how dumb i look dang it!

 I she falling in love? Will she fall in love or flat on her face? We'll see? 0_0


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