What Will I Do...

Ali is about to travel to London to move with her dad, who is doing a story on one direction. Unfortinatly she doesnt like them as much as her friends Stella and Emily. SHe brought her friends because her dad gave her 2 extra tickets which is awesome! When her dad says she has to go to school with one direction and become a stalker she freaks out! When she meets Liam and he knocks her stuff over their eyes meet. Will they fall in love or will they just ignore it forever?


3. I Think I Fell In Love

  Did i really just fall in front of some stupid guy!? Man i think I'm becoming weak?! Stella and Emily came running towards me. "OMG are you ok!?" "Yeah im fine" i said "I think i just hurt my leg thats all i can still walk though." "Are you sure Alexis" Emily said. I sighed and they helped me to my class that just had to have Liam,Niall, and Zayn in. On no am i blushing!? I turned my face toward the board trying to avoid Liam's cute face. What am i saying!? "I really am sorry for bumping into you i didn't mean to hurt you" he said. "Yeah i'm fine dont worry no bad injuries just a small bump." "Well i still owe you so want to maybe go out and eat sometime this week" he said. "She'd love to" said Stella. She whispers in my ear "we need to help your dad remember." I just gave a big sigh and tried not to fall asleep. By the end of the day Liam asked if he could have my number Emily gave it to him cause they knew i wouldn't do it. When i got home i went straight to my bedroom trying to avoid my dad as best as posible. When all of a sudden my phone rings singing a song by flyleaf. "Hello?" "Hey Ali what you up to" Liam aksked me. "I'm laying in bed avoiding my dad" i said. "Do you not like your dad?" he questioned me. "Of course i love him its just sometimes he gets a little crazy." "Well about that date so are you sure you want to go?" I had to think before i answered before i said the wrong thing. "Yeah of course im actually excited to get away from people that actually aren't from my family" i said. "Cool so friday saturday at 3:00pm sound good?" "Yep well gotta go going to make dinner Bye." I hung up the phone walked down stairs and made dinner. I don't know why but i actually was looking forward to saturday. I think i might have fallen for Liam Payne.

WOOH! Now you have to wait!!!! |:) lol RANDOM!

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