You Will Be Mine

Allison never dreamt of dating 1/5 of One Direction until Valentine's Day of 2013. Her life will be changed forever!


6. Valentine's Day(part 2)


I went to find Niall which wasn't that hard to do since he was at the snack table eating. " Niall what happened with you and Allison? Dani, El, and Perrie are trying to calm her down, because she's crying her eyes out right now!!" He shrugged his shoulders. " Well, she saw me and Nicole kissing, that's what happened!" He was raising his voice a little, but not much. " You want to know why she is crying so much? I'll tell you. she just seen her best-friend, practically her brother, snogging with her mortal enemy! You see this can't just be fixed with an 'I'm sorry' and a teddy bear. You probaly won't get your Best-friend back for a while! You got to fix this, mate!" " I know and I feel horrible about it do you think she'll ever forgive me for it. It was a big mistake! You gotta help me, mate.Please!" " Fix what" oh god. the only person I didn't want to see right now. Nicole. Oh wait here come's Niall to the rescue." Nothing. Just go to the bathroom or something I can't talk to you right now! JUst leave me alone!" He was really raising his voice now, and everyone was looking at them now even Allison who just came out of the bathroom was staring in aww! as no one has ever spoken to Nicole like that! She was also very surprised, and plus her face was as red as a tomato." Since when do you talk to me like that." "were OVER!!!" Niall was also obviously the first one to break up with her too!


I walked out of the bathroom to find Niall......yelling at Nicole, telling her it was over. I just smiled to myself. I told the girls thank-you for comforting me and walked over to Zayn and Niall. I gave Zayn a kiss on the lips, and looked at Nicole. " Oh, yeah I almost forgot. Zayn Nicole here thinks you don't really love me and that she's better for you then I am!" By this time all the guys and girls were surrounding us.Harry looked at me is this what the thing in the hallway about?!" I just shook my head yes! He just stood there in disbelief! Then Zayn spoke up" So, you don't think I love her and that you would be better for me, yeah?" "Well why not because we all know you don't. Just bec-" " No listen to me. I love her with all my heart, and no one will never change that! Not even you ' Mrs. Popular'! If I had to I would die for her she's my everything!" Heturnedtome who was hugging Niall and accepting his apology. " Come on babe, let's go back to my house and watch a couple of movies. Guys you and your girls could come too! Niall you can bring know the limits just find someone to call your valentine, man!" At that he snaked his arm around my waist and we left along with lou and el, haz and perrie, liam and dani, niall and kenzi, a girl he grabbed off the dance floor. Then we left the dance with Nicole just standing there looking fairly mad." Zayn, I love you so much and thank you for standing up for me." " No prblem babe, anytime. and Love you too!"



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