You Will Be Mine

Allison never dreamt of dating 1/5 of One Direction until Valentine's Day of 2013. Her life will be changed forever!


5. Valentine's Day



I can't believe it's here! Valentine's Day. I know that I used to hate this holiday, but for some reason I can't wait for tonight. I still haven't told Harry what happened with me and Nicole the other day and I really didn't want to. Just then I heard"Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me." I answered it. " Hey babe be ready by 7:45pm." I looked at my clock it said 5:50pm. " Ok. I'll be ready by then. I'm just gonna jump in the shower,okay?""Okay, love you. Bye, Babe!" " Love you too! Bye!" With that he hung up. I went to the bathroom and jumped in the shower. When I was done it was 6:47pm! I quickly changed into a pink dress that came down mid-thigh with my hot pink pumps. I put on some light eyeshadow and some eyeliner and mascara. By the time I was ready it was already 7:40pm. With five minutes to spare. Just as I was about to sit down my phone buzzed I had a text from:" Haz;p: When are you gonna tell me about what happened with you and Nicole the other day at school. You can't not tell me forever!!?? "  I thought he would've forgot about that by now. I mean if I don't tell him he'll just bug me to death. But, if I do tell him he'll get mad, tell Zayn, and pick a fight. So I just said " I'll tell you tomorrow I promise. I just want to forget about it and have fun with Zayn tonight." I hit send, and just as I did there was a knock on my door. I opened it to see Zayn standing in faded jeans, a un-buttoned plaid shirt over a white tee. "Wow! you look amazing, Babe!" he said trying to flirt but ver badly." You look good too! So, let's get going shall we!"


At the dance*

When we got there Liam was with Dani, Louis was with El, Harry was with Perrie, and Niall was with........Nicole!!! I can't believe him he knew that I couldn't stand her! A silent tear ran down my cheek, I tried to hide it but Zayn seen it. " What's wrong babe?" " It's....just Niall that's all!" " What's wrong with Niall. he's just gone to the punch table?" I saw this as my chance to talk to Niall. " I'm just gonna go get some punch you want something?" He just shakes his head. When I got to the table, I seen Niall......kissing NICOLE!!!!!! I ran away crying just when he saw me he ran towards me. " Ali, come here let me explain to you, please!!" I just kept running until I was in Zayn's arms crying into his chest, leaving tear marks on his white tee. " what happened babe?" " As-ask Ni-Niall an-and that bi-bitch Nic-Nicole what happened!!"

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