You Will Be Mine

Allison never dreamt of dating 1/5 of One Direction until Valentine's Day of 2013. Her life will be changed forever!


10. Truth or Dare?!

Allison's P.O.V.

After they came back in we were all bored. " I'm bored lets do something." Harry said sighing and sitting upside-down on the couch. " Truth or Dare!!!" me and Louis yelled at the same time. " ok then!" " Boobear! truth or dare?" Harry asked. " Dare." " I dare you to go put on one of ali's bikinis and skip around the house saying I'm a pretty butterfly!" " Which one" "Just not my neon green and pink one!" I yelled sense he was half-way up the stairs. Five minutes later he was running down the stairs wearing the one with purple and white polka dots. " You know what on second thought Me and boobear are gonna go have some alone time!" Harry said smirking naughtily. " Harold! I am a polite, still a virgin girl! You will not remove my innocence. We have to get married first and I'm not ready for that kind of commitment yet!" Louis stated playing along while the rest of us were holding our stomachs laughing hard! " Fine, your turn Lou!" "Niall truth or dare" "truth" " Chicken. anyways who do you want your Valentine, but it can't be Ali!" Zayn sent Louis a death glare. "I have to say Kayla." "Ok, Liam truth or dare" " dare" " I dare you to kiss.....Louis on the cheek." He got up and did his dare." Hey guys I'm tired and it's........ 2:45 am. I'm going to bed." " me too" Zayn said When we got upstairs we went to my room and got into bed without changing or anything. We just fell asleep.

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