You Will Be Mine

Allison never dreamt of dating 1/5 of One Direction until Valentine's Day of 2013. Her life will be changed forever!


7. I Can't Believe You!


The next morning I woke up on with my head on someone's bare chest. When I looked up I seen it was Zayn, we were on his couch with Louis and El on the love seat, Harry and Perrie were already up watching the tv, Dani and Liam, Niall and Kenzi all spread passed out on the floor with Niall and Liam cuddled up for some weird reeason. I decided to get up quietly trying not to wake Zayn, which I was successful at, and took a picture of Niall and Liam, I tweeted it saying'aaawwwww this is what I woke up to on the floor in the living room. Aren't they too cute together?!' " Morning beautiful" a sexy morning voice said, I automatically knew it was Zayn." Hey Sexy!" I say jokingly. I look over and see Perrie and Harry looking down at their phones, Laughing at the picture I just uploaded. "Wow! Hope you run and hide before they see this. They're gonna kill you!" Harry states trying to hold back his laughter, while the rest of us are giggling at him. " What's with all the laughing? I'm trying to sleep!" A not so happy Niall says. "uh-oh! Run Ali!!!" Harry yells, just as Niall checks his mentions. " AAALLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!! Come on. This isn't funny!" He says as everyone's just giggling waking a sleeping Liam,Kenzi,Dani,El,and Louis! "What's with all the noise!" Louis asks as I'm running from Niall and Liam as Liam just checked twitter! " ZAYN!HARRY!HELP ME!!!!!" "Sorry babe my hands are tied! Speaking figuratively of course." He explains as I jump into his arms and wrap both my arms adnlegs around him and hold on for dear life! I have Niall and Liam pulling at my waist. " HARREHHHHH!! HELP ME!!! PLEASE! Zayn's no help!" Then, out of no where I hear "Supermannnn! To the RESCUE!!!" It was Louis helping me off Zayn, putting me on his back and running around like a maniac screaming"SUPERMANNNNNNNN!" I, along with everyone else was laughing, even Niall and Liam hsd stopped chasing us and rolling around laughing! " Ok.But, I'm hungry right now so to the kitchen Louis!" And, off we went with Niall yelling after us, "Me too!" " Yes, you too Nialler!"

          After breakfast~

Me and Niall were laying out on Zayn's back deck in swim suits, waiting for the others to hurry up."Hey, uummm......Ali I need to talk to you." He sounded a little nervous! "What is it Niall you can tell me anything." " I think I'm falling for you!" Wait what?! "What do you mean fall-" Iwas cut off by Niall's lips on mine! I was in shock the next thing I know, I'm pulling away and slapping him! "How could you Niall, I thought we were best friends. I'm dating one of your best mates!!" I get up and stomp inside when Irun into somebody. That somebody was Zayn!

       Zayn's POV.~

I was on my way outside to go swimming when, "How could you Niall, I thought we were best friends. I'm dating one of your best mtes!" Wonder what that was about. Then, Ali runs into me she's on the verge of tears. " what's wrong babe?! Are you ok? What did Niall do?" "He Ki-kissed me! that's what he did!" I walk past her to the deck," Niall what the hell man?!" " I'm sorry!" "I can't believe you! I thought we were best mates?!"

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