friends or more

Brittany , Tiffany , Riley are three best friends since birth . The girls all have one brother who is famous ! ! ! ! Brittany and harry are the perfect couple but Tiffany is a very annoyed sister of the very popular harry ! Riley is dating zayn and are a very cute couple but laugh too much. Tiffany styles dreams of being Tiffany tomlison ! BUT do they begin being more than friends or start slow again !


2. Years later

2 years later !!


Brittany P.O.V. 

ME and harry are finally getting  together !!!!! Yah, I  KNOW he  has  feelings for me !!!!!! [ He blushes and He can't stand still] I say one sentence that makes him worry , " I hope your sister won't bug us " 


Tiffany P.O.V. 


Me and louis are more amazing friends now than ever , practicably like family ! I wish he knew i want uss to be more ! I  like him sooooo much  But i still have to hide it !!! I hope he likes me though  


Riley P.O.V.


Me and zayn went out to dinner . It was romantic [not]  A waiter actually threw up on a couple . It was hilourus !! Me and Zayn laughed all the way home !


Brittany P.O.V. 


WE went out  for dinner on our first date .  The waiter threw up on us ! EWWWW!!!!


Harry P.O.V.


Me and brittany went out for our first date today , she wore a beatiful blue  dress and well blue . I picked a nice suit. We went to the restaunt and   the waiter asked " What would you like to drink ? " The next thing i know He is Puking All over us !!!!


Louis P.O.V. 


I can tell that tiffany likes me , I love her . I don't Know if she loves me though . I have dreams that we are married , and when i wake up i hate that i was just a dream .



Tiffany P.O.V. 


Me and louis are getting married . I am tiffany Tommlioson . BEEP BEEP  "SHUT UP" I yell at my alarm clock ! I hate that is was a dream!!!!!!

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