friends or more

Brittany , Tiffany , Riley are three best friends since birth . The girls all have one brother who is famous ! ! ! ! Brittany and harry are the perfect couple but Tiffany is a very annoyed sister of the very popular harry ! Riley is dating zayn and are a very cute couple but laugh too much. Tiffany styles dreams of being Tiffany tomlison ! BUT do they begin being more than friends or start slow again !


8. WOW you're a girl

   Amy P.O.V. 


I am sitting by nialler and I feel like this is show and tell. You know meeting the girls .The next thing I know niall calls me to the stage , He yells as loud as he can " This my little amelia , But you can call her amy . " I am sweating as the boys greet me with smiles on their faces while three girls are in the corner smiling and waving but afriad to approch , and one mysterious figure at the back of the room that must be liams friend . One of the three girls had  kinda curly red hair and hazel eyes , Another one had dark brown hair with green eyes and the last one had  dirty blonde hair that was wavy and had  blue eyes .  Little did i know that these girls would help me through things I wasn't prepared for. 



Rebecca P.O.V.

........................................................................................ After everyone is introduced  except reb ........................................................

I  am so scared , thoughts are running through my mind  like ' they won't like me' or ' Oh yeah a girlfriend '. Liam is scared too. Well here we go , I  Say "Hi my name is rebecca ,  I am liam's good friend ." "We are and have been good friends for a while ." Liam joined. Soon its all over, and i am meeting the boys . One girl Named Amy comes up and says a few words that breaks my heart ," Wow, you're a girl" I run to Liam and start to cry into his shirt. 



Liam P.O.V. 



I  was having a good time introducing Reb . to the boys when I hear Amy say something to her and Then she is crying on my shirt.  I slowly tug her away and  run up and punch niall,  When the boys see they try to break up the fight . They can't .Blood and parts of braces are flying and I hit the ground  , I try to get up But I can't I see three Rebecca's . And then  The last thing I see Is niall looking at his hands and running away  before  i am in the ambulance  .



Amy P.O.V. 


I had watched my boyfriend beat up his best mate . I couldn't do anything but stare  and gap .  Soon I hear  Sirens and  Niall looks at me  and then his hands then runs away . I meet Rebecca and tiffany  at the  hospital . Rebecca was crying . Liam had stood up for her , Because I didn't know her gender . NO ONE HAD ! The doctor slowly walks toward us and says " Ms.Horan , Your friend is very lucky , If it you had not donated the pint of blood he would not be us now ." "Thank you doc. bean ." Rebecca says .  She had been  crying so much that you couldn't tell she was drinking juice and eating cookies .  Liam walks out of the room and joins his Rebecca , He says " Now everyone Knows Rebs. Gender Right !" We all nodded our heads .


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