friends or more

Brittany , Tiffany , Riley are three best friends since birth . The girls all have one brother who is famous ! ! ! ! Brittany and harry are the perfect couple but Tiffany is a very annoyed sister of the very popular harry ! Riley is dating zayn and are a very cute couple but laugh too much. Tiffany styles dreams of being Tiffany tomlison ! BUT do they begin being more than friends or start slow again !


10. summer time

 Niall P.O.V. 



It has been 2 months since my friend and me got in a fight .  all is well and my girlfriend is bffs with the girls . The boys held a " 1D metting "  while the girls were shopping . Harry said " Guys you know its summer right? ! " YEA! "we screamed . "Ok so lets go to my summer house and surprise the girls with a summer party ! " harry whispered . I left after that while they planed. Louis and me were going to sneak out and go  buy some new swimsuits .{ We had not gone swimming since 3 years ago .}



Tiffany P.O.V. 


"Macy's or belks  " I Said as we walked around the corner to the nearest nail salon .Rebecca and riley wanted to go to belks , But me and Amy wanted to go to Macy's . Amy suggested to talk about it later after our nails .Rebecca picked out a  nice dark shade of blue and light green , While Amy picked out pale pink and neon orange .Riley picked out purple with sparkles and brown with stripes . I went with a black and red . After we picked out the designs , We decided to go to Macy's. But the girls were  asking all about me and Louis .



Amy P.O.V .


I LOVE MACY'S ! It's the best store for dresses , makeup,  gossip, and more !  I had to pick out a  pink and orange dress that was just a little lower than my thighs . I also picked out some cute sandles  ." I Wonder what niall will think of this outift " I said to the girls . Tiffany responded " He will think you need a drink and some music " Rebecca[ knowing him best] said" I think he will want to dance with u !!!!!! "



Zayn P.O.V.



I loved harry's idea for the girl's summer surprise . I think that riley will love the idea of a party ! She has not had one since august of last year . I have been making playlist all day for the party . Harry is making up  dances and louis is cracking jokes with liam who is begging to tell more about Rebecca .



Liam P.O.V.



I like rebecca .I hope that she will notice that i like her at the party . The boys have been showing me tips on how to" show my feeling for her" as harry says.  I have a note that  I will  give her and its kinda funny . BUT CUTE !!!!!!! Oh how i love Rebecca !






Harry P.O.V. 



I am romantic , I AM Romantic! "  I say into the mirror .'  YES YOU ARE "  Brittany yells across the house to me . "HI Brittany i Have a surprise  ! folow me to the car and lets drive to it with your friend and dont forget to bring your clothes and things ! "














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