friends or more

Brittany , Tiffany , Riley are three best friends since birth . The girls all have one brother who is famous ! ! ! ! Brittany and harry are the perfect couple but Tiffany is a very annoyed sister of the very popular harry ! Riley is dating zayn and are a very cute couple but laugh too much. Tiffany styles dreams of being Tiffany tomlison ! BUT do they begin being more than friends or start slow again !


7. Meeting the girls

 Brittany P.O.V. 



Me, Tiffany and Riley are meeting Nialls' girlfriend  and liam's best friend today. I am very nervous to meet the girls and to see the boys reaction . 


Rebecca P.O.V.



I am so nervous , today  I am meeting Zayn ,louis,and harry's girlfriends .I am afriad to think of what the boys will do once they know me  and liam are friends .  Or the girls .



Amy P.O.V. 


I Can't wait to meet so new girls that i will hopefully  Become Friends With . So I Won't always have to hang out with niall.And i Can't wait to meet  liams " friend " .





Liam p.o.v.



I am very very Nervous    i am  letting  rebecca meet my friends  today . 

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