friends or more

Brittany , Tiffany , Riley are three best friends since birth . The girls all have one brother who is famous ! ! ! ! Brittany and harry are the perfect couple but Tiffany is a very annoyed sister of the very popular harry ! Riley is dating zayn and are a very cute couple but laugh too much. Tiffany styles dreams of being Tiffany tomlison ! BUT do they begin being more than friends or start slow again !


9. Cafe coffe




 Soon after the fight tiffany got a call . It was harry. Telling her about my best mate/ enemy . We walked up to starbucks  not excpecting a red faced niall. 



Niall P.O.V. 



The boys had found me .I couldn't hurt them . I went to starbucks and met amy and the girls and liam  . We didn't talk that much .The girl that was the cashier shouted " OMG , YOUR NIALL HORAN !!!!!!!" Unfortnally papratiza had to be there . Soon we gave our shades to the girls and ran . 



Louis P.O.V. 



I am so surpirized at how tiffany handled the run away .She did excatly what she was supposed to. After we got back to my place  Tiffany and me decied that the pap would be outside alot so to spend the night at my place. 


Tiffany P.O.V. 


Louis and me slept in his room and Brit with harry in the guest while Zayn and Riley on the couch With rebecca and liam . Niall and amy were talking in the kichten . I was a little scared when Louis Let me lay with him. We had Good night kisses and went to bed . 


Zayn P.O.V. 


Riely fell asleep on my shoulder  , Her Brown hair glisting in the dark .  Went to go check on niall. He passed out on a piece of pizza . 

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