Last First Kiss

Michaella just wanted to spend the rest of her life with her true love. But who knows how long that will last? Every minute is a mystery in her eyes. She just wants him, and he just wants her. Will he be Michaella's one and only, her last first kiss?


6. Ruined


    We got to the house in 20 minutes, and it was around 11 by time we got there. There was a police officer next to the front door. Harry and I rushed over to him asking what happened. He said it was "confidential." I couldn't believe something that substantial happened inside my own house. I mean my old house. I demanded to be let in since I technically still owned it. He let us both in, but I regret it. 

    My living room was destroyed. Pillows were clashed, the glass table was destroyed, and the paintings were punched. My favorite painting was a painting that my mother painted, it was a beautiful sunset that was by the horizon of a beach. I was with her when she painted it. Now it was punched and it looked like that was the only painting that was also slashed. This seemed very personal, especially when I started to get deeper into the building. Glasses in the kitchen were broken and left on the kitchen tile. My cooking knives were stabbed into the walls around a picture of and my brother, Robert. I went into the bathroom to find the lipstick, that I left behind, was right next to the shower. I looked inside and it said : Welcome back darling. Why does Daniel do this to me. I thought. Harry didn't understand he was just terrified. 

    As I moved into the bedroom, my heart sank. I had a wall that held a bunch of random stuff, including personal pictures. I should have took them from the beginning. The was slashed, and the sheets on my bed were ripped. My closet had holes in the wall. It looked like he was angry so he started to punch the walls. What made me want to cry was the blood. There was blood all over my floor. He killed himself, I thought. It might have been wrong to think but that was what I wanted, for my nightmare to be dead. 

    "What's that?" Harry pointed towards the floor that had blood stains everywhere. I felt the hot tears stream down my face as my jaw slammed to the disgustingly bloody floor. I wanted to curl up into a ball and hide myself in my new room at Harry's, so I would be able to be alone and cry myself to sleep. Daniel wasn't dead but someone I loved was.


Harry's P.O.V.

    I quickly brought Michaella to the hospital, but she never told me why she needed to go there. She was perfectly fine, accept for the tears that brought swollen eyes and a red nose. As soon as we got there, she rushed to the front desk. I didn't know what she was talking about. Michaella turned towards me and shook her head as if she was saying know. She told me to bring her to another hospital. Th e same thing happened. Once more she told me to bring her to one more hospital. I said that I would.

    She rushed to the front desk once more. She turned and nodded her head and she used her hand to signal : come here. I quickly walked to her since running wasn't accepted. She grabbed my wrist and brought me to floor two. We came across room 26. She slowly opened the door, and I was really confused. A young man was in the bed. 

    "What room is this?" she asked. I told her it was room 26. "Oops wrong room ,the receptionist said 36," Michaella grabbed me one more time and we made it to room 36. She took a deep breathe and I saw a tear roll down her cheek. Before we could walk in, I wiped her tear off with my sleeve. 

    She carefully opened the white hospital door, we found a few nurses surrounding the bed. I was still really confused. The nurses took  a step back and noticed us. They said that we can only stay for 20 minutes since the patient had surgery soon. Michaella told them okay, and they all left. "Hey gorgeous," I heard Michaella whisper to the young woman with dirty blonde hair that was laying in the white bed. "Hi," she responded with a soar throat. I didn't want to be rude, but she just looked terrible, like a patient would look. I didn't know who she was so I read the clipboard that was on the end of the bed. It read : Henshaw, Jane. 


Michaella's P.O.V

    "Hey gorgeous," I said quietly to Jane. She said hi, I could tell she was hurt by the crack in he voice. Harry still looked confused, especially when he saw the clipboard. He asked me who Jane Henshaw was. I told him that she was the pretty girl in the hospital bed in room 36. He gave me the "seriously" look. "Okay, Jane is my bestest friend in the whole wide world," I told him the truth. Jane just smiled. "That's why you went from hospital to hospital, so you would find her." Harry was right, I knew the blood in my room was Jane's. I knew it since her "love" necklace was on the ground.

    Her boyfriend, Dylan gave it to her six months ago for their one year anniversary. She must have left it there when we were packing my clothes. She probably went back to look for it, but she found Daniel instead. I just couldn't believe that Daniel tried to kill my best friend.

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