Last First Kiss

Michaella just wanted to spend the rest of her life with her true love. But who knows how long that will last? Every minute is a mystery in her eyes. She just wants him, and he just wants her. Will he be Michaella's one and only, her last first kiss?


11. I'm Done


    I called my friend that worked as the receptionist at a motel, and asked her if Daniel Smith was staying there. Some how I found Daniel. I beat him at his own game. It was time to give him some of his own medicine. I usually don't like revenge but I needed closure. I explained the story to her and she gave us a key to his room. She said that he went out, and won't be back for a while. 

    Dylan came with us, he wanted vengeance for what Daniel did to Jane. He was especially full of anger. Zayn and Louis met us at the motel. The five of us went to his room, room 19. His room was a disgusting mess. The bathroom door was closed, and I was afraid to that  mess. I quickly wrote a note that said : Now I found you.

    Louis looked through his luggage. He found a knife that still had some dry blood on it. Dylan was now outraged. Louis found more knives in his bag. Zayn brought a canvas bag, so Louis put the knives in there. Now we had evidence that Daniel was a murderer. Dylan opened the bathroom door and called me. I walked towards the doorway, my heart literally broke. Everything I love, I thought. 

    He was in the bathtub, luckily there no blood stains, and he wasn't wounded. There was another note on the tile wall inside the shower. This one said : No, I found you. He set us up! "Michaella, who is that in the bathtub," I heard Dylan ask. "Robert." "Who's Robert?" I started to feel a tear down my face,"He's my brother." Louis quickly called 9-1-1. Zayn and Dylan brought the knives to the front desk, the evidence. 

    The police soon arrived, but there was no Daniel. We've been there for an hour waiting. They didn't bring Robert to the ER, but they called the medical assistance up to room 19. Robert was on the bed getting medical help, while the cops were waiting and waiting. Time flew by and I got a call from Niall.

Me: Hello?

Niall: Someone is in the backyard, Liam is gone and this dude is just standing there as if he's waiting.

Me: We'll be right there.


    "Daniel he's in ou-our backyard and Niall is home alone," I said really quickly to the police. We all headed to the house. The cops jumped the fence but nobody was there. I called Niall and he said that he ran. The cops were going back to the motel. Dylan decided to go to his mom's house. We went inside and Zayn yelled for Niall. "I guess he's using the lou." Harry and I walked up to my room, we opened the door. There was a huge one direction poster on the wall by me bed, but Harry's face was crossed out with Sharpie. Then it said : Welcome home darling. 

    This must be some sick joke, I thought to myself. Harry and I looked in the closet and bathroom. Nothing. We rushed to the guest room, Zayn came upstairs and asked what was wrong. "Call 9-1-1 He has to be here," Harry mouthed. Zayn headed back downstairs and called the cops.They were on their way. We walked into the guest room , Harry turned on the lights. Niall was sitting on the bed, with his hands behind his back. They were tied. Niall used his eyes to point towards the bathroom door. He mouthed,"Get out." We left and went against the wall next to the door. He took a peek in and there was a gun pointed to Niall's head. Where are the cops!?!?!?

     The cops came to the doors and talked to Daniel. Daniel was inside and the police were in the hall with us, We couldn't tell what Daniel was doing. I was terrified. "Put down the gun, you don't want to make any mistakes," the one cop was trying to tell Daniel to stop. "If I can't have her nobody can!" Daniel shouted. "You hurt me, I hate you and you have no chance with me!" I blurted out. Harry started to talk,"He isn't the one in love with Michaella, I am." We heard the gun go off. Everything felt slow motion, I heard the Louis and Zayn from downstairs yell no. Harry punched the wall, and I fell to my knees. The cops opened the door, and the tears made my sight blurry. I was afraid to look inside the room.

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