Last First Kiss

Michaella just wanted to spend the rest of her life with her true love. But who knows how long that will last? Every minute is a mystery in her eyes. She just wants him, and he just wants her. Will he be Michaella's one and only, her last first kiss?


9. He Was Right


    The next morning I woke up with a kiss on my cheek, "Good morning beautiful," Harry was so sweet as he woke me. I kissed him on the cheek very lightly and he told me that we had to talk. This is never good , this how relationships end. I was ready to say goodbye, maybe this was why I was afraid of perfect. 

    "Michealla I love you so so so much. But I don't want to see you hurt yourself," Harry didn't want to leave me, I was so relieved and I calmed down. "Harry I'm sorry." "It's okay but, you see the snow?" he looked out the window while the snow fell from the winter sky,"The snow falls all the time and never gets hurt. That's how you should be," Harry was starting to inspire me. When I looked into his sparkling green eyes, I fell in love with him all over again. 

    Zayn walked in and ruined the moment,"Guys there's a lot of snow outside, so we're all gonna shovel and we need you two." We nodded, I asked Zayn if he could wait for me to get out of the shower and he said okay. Zayn went to go get ready, and Harry followed. 

    I went into the bathroom and started to run some hot water. I threw my pajamas into the hamper and combed my hair. I slowly stepped into the shower, with my music on. "Skyscraper" by Demi Lovato came on. I loved that song.


Harry's P.O.V. 

    I got my snow clothes and went back into Michaella's room. I heard the shower running, and the her bathroom door was cracked. Steam was coming from the hot shower. I heard the song, "Skyscraper." Then Michaella shocked me, she was singing to the song. She had the most beautiful voice, like an angel. She didn't know I was listening, but I got my phone and opened the voice memo app. I recorded her singing the chorus, after about 30 seconds I stopped recording. It was her new ringtone but I wasn't going to tell her.

    I started to get undressed. My shirt was off, and I heard the water go off. "Shit, I don't have a towel. Oh well my bathroom is my room," I couldn't believe that Michaella cursed. She was surprising me a lot lately. I took off my trousers and I heard the bathroom door open. I was facing the wall, while my back was facing her bathroom door. I smiled, because this time she was in for a surprise.


Michaellas's P.O.V. 

    "Harry!?!? What are you doing half naked in my room," I completely forgot that I was completely nude as I blushes. He turned and said,"What are doing completely naked, love?" I covered my chest with arms and bent my leg up so he wouldn't see a little too much. "Attractive," he said with a smile on his face. I started to blush really badly. His abs were really obvious, I tried not to stare. "Will you stop looking at me?" I asked him. "Why I'm gonna see you nude sooner or later." He had good point but I felt awkward, I was always insecure about my body. I gave up there was no use winning when your against Harry. I uncovered myself and ran to the walk-in closet. I put on my mini black satin robe. "There we go," I said walking towards Harry. 

    "You're gonna shovel in that he?"he joked. I went back to the closet to get clean underwear, jeans, and a tee. I laid my clothes out on the bed, with my back facing Harry. I slowly slipped of my robe, and grabbed my polk-a-dot boy-shorts. Then I got my solid black bra and quickly put that on.Then I finally faced Harry and said,"Better." Harry came up towards me and put his hands around my waist and kissed in me. I was afraid that Louis or somebody was about to come in and catch us making out as we were both in our under wear. I quickly got dressed, and Harry did the same. We all went outside and started shoveling. 

    I started to shovel on the side that my bedroom window was on. I made a pile of snow beside me,and there was a lot of snow so the pile kept getting bigger and bigger. This one particular time I took some snow and add it to the pile was strange. There was something in the snow, an envelope. I was nervous since it was addressed to me. My name not my new address. I made sure that no one was watching as I opened the sealed paper. I took out the note and it read : I told you I would you find you again darling. 

    I knew he was going to ruin everything! But I hated to admit it, but he was right. He did find me again. The voice from last night was him, trying to scare me. It worked. I crumbled up the note and the destroyed envelope and tossed them in the trash bin. I wasn't letting him get to me, but I knew he wasn't going to give up.

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